3 things to consider when buying cushions

words Alexa Wang

When deciding on the decor of your home, there might be a lot of choices. It can get overwhelming because of all these choices, so it is good to go piece by piece to help organize. One decor addition to your home that is going to play an important role in creating your dream vision of your house is in cushions.

Yes, cushions are much more important than many people think when it comes to designing the look of your house. Buying cushions is not as simple as finding one you like and tossing it on your couch or bed. There are some important considerations you need to make with regard to the cushions you choose for your house, and these 3 are good ideas to start with:


Comfortability is a major factor, as you might be aware. What good is a nice cushion if it feels like sandpaper? Not very, that is what. Finding a good cushion that also fits your lifestyle needs is a must. The material you chose is going to determine how enjoyable it is to lounge with them, so leather might be out of the question as something to nap with, but it is still stylish nonetheless.

when buying cushions

Even the material itself is not the only thing that can help define the comfort of a cushion. The cushions and arrangements can be played with, for varying degrees of comfort or style. Loading up your bed with little throw pillows can be a fun, decorative way to add some flair to your bedroom, but it is not always the comfiest. Alternatively, you can add an assortment of pillows to your sofa without sacrificing on the comfort aspect, you just need to choose the materials well.

Decorating Theme

Keeping a theme with your decor should be at the forefront of your mind. While you might find a very comfortable cushion, it could clash in a hideous way to the rest of your room. Consider things like color, as this is the most apparent theme that guests and yourself will notice. Bright colors are usually a no-no, but if you combine them with clean whites you could be onto kitsch, 80’s Miami inspired theme. Otherwise, good color choices are neutrals like brown, and dark, rich colors like burgundy. The options for cushions are endless in terms of color.

Next, you want to consider the texture of these cushions and how that impacts the theme. Ribbed cushions, suede, leather, etc., are some of the materials and patterns that are available which can accentuate your home’s look. The design experts at this website stressed out that mixing and matching different textures to your selection is a great way to add interest and visual weight. Adding depth to your living room and bedroom can start with small details like these, so choose wisely!

The durability of the Material

The durability of the materials, and the cushions as a whole, is something to keep in mind in case your lifestyle involves some messy individuals. Children and pets, in particular, can take a toll on the lifespan of your home’s decor when they get their hands, or paws, on it. With that in mind, choosing material cushions that can be easily stained is preventable! There are protective sprays and even cushion covers that do not reduce the integrity or style of your home but keep the fabric nice and safe.

High stitch count can be indicative of good craftsmanship, and it is useful for finding a durable cushion that will last a long time. Heck, even some decor pieces gain some charm over time with light wear and tear. One such example is very dark leathers, as they can gain a rough, worn look that, while not the most comfortable to nap on, is really beautiful when paired with hardwood floors or wood furniture. You do not need to skimp out on quality materials that will last a long time for your home, you just need to look a little harder and maybe even spend a little more, but it is worth it.

buying cushions ideas

While you might not consider cushions high on the list of home decor needs, these 3 things might change your mind. Whether it is determining how comfortable the cushions are, maintaining your home decor theme, or how well they will withstand your lifestyle, it is best to know these things before you make a purchase. Combining all of this can help you create a look and feel in your home that wows your guests but also helps improve the quality of life every time you enter a room.


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