Everything that you need to know about eye primer

words Alexa Wang

Many beauty influencers and leaders have talked about eye primers and their benefits. Primer is an important beauty product that should be applied before make-up products. Missha is one of the best K-Beauty brands that offer eye-primer to ensure that your eye shadow stays perfect after hours of application.  In this blog, we will share everything that you need to know about an eye primer and its application.

What is an Eyes Primer?

The easy and quick swipe of primer makes a lot of difference in the longevity and pigment of the eye shadow. They are strong and do more than just a regular face primer. Eye primer is a liquid-based or cream-based product that is applied to your eyelids to make the application of eyeliner smoother and last longer.

It works like a double-sided tape that holds the lid and make-up together. This works to ensure that your artfully applied make-up doesn’t budge. Moreover, the eye primer also contributes to enhancing the hues of the color and makes them appear brighter.

How Does Eye Primer Work?

Primer adds a base to the eyelids that absorb excess oil, facilitating an even surface for you to work on. If you don’t apply eye primer, the greasy surface can cause the eye shadow to crease and appear uneven and patchy. Moreover, if you have dry skin, it can cause the pigment of the shadow to disappear within a few hours.

Similar to your lips, eyelids also have a natural tone o them, which makes it difficult for the colors to accentuate. White or nude-toned primers provide a clean and even canvas, allowing the eye shadow colors to stand out. Eye shadow palettes are expensive, and you would want your favorite colors to pop out, don’t you?

How to Apply Eye Primer?

Once you have applied your eye cream and face cream, simply take a small amount of primer on the eye shadow brush. Apply a thin layer on the skin so that it can get quickly absorbed and provide a smooth surface for you to work on.

 When applying use a gently and fast tapping motions to blend the primer into your skin. Start from the lash line and work your way to the brow. Make sure you apply the primer on the bottom lashes as well if you are using liner or shadow there as well. After applying, give a minute for the primer to get absorbed and dried.

Final Thoughts

There are different types of eye primer available in the market, make sure you pick the one that best suits your skin type. People often use face primer instead of eye primer, and it has worked for some individuals. However, both products are intended to work differently. So we would recommend that you stick to the eye primer to enhance the look of your eye shadow. And use face primer to get the flawless make-up finish you desire that last all day long.


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