Cooling for modern data rooms

Cooling for modern data rooms – words Alexa Wang

Modern data centres are a lot more challenging than they ever have been before. This is because businesses are requiring the use of a greater level of servers. Furthermore, the technology they are utilising is far more advanced and much more demanding.

In turn, this means that a lot of cooling strategies have been altered in order to ensure that they match up to these excessive demands. If you read on then you will discover more information regarding the most effective cooling strategies for beating the dreaded heat in modern data centres.

modern data rooms

So, let’s begin with cold aisle containment. This has been around for quite a while now. However, it is being used more and more frequently at present. How does it work? Well, a cold aisle containment system will essentially separate the hot air from the cold. The physical barrier generated allows for the cool air only to be brought to the aisle. Check out for more information. There are many benefits associated with going down this route. These are as follows…

•    Cost efficiency is achieved because this system requires a lesser amount of power. You will also notice a reduction when it comes to your maintenance bill as well.

•    Carbon emissions are reduced.

•    This is a non-intrusive system. This means you need not worry about any changes needing to be made to your data centre. It also means that it is suitable to any data centre; regardless of its shape or size.

•    Computer hardware improves – life expectancy will rise whilst server running times will also increase.

•    There is also efficiency in terms of ‘U’ space utilisation. This means that you will have the capacity to install more kits in existing racks.

modern data rooms

Nevertheless, cold aisle containment is not the only modern method of cooling being utilised widely today. It’s best to discuss your cooling options with the company designing your hardware. Head to for more details. Another popular approach is to utilise fully immersive liquid cooling systems. These systems use a non-electricity conducting yet high heat conducting liquid to cover the entire server. This will then take away literally any heat from the component in the equipment. This is an advanced system and is suited for those who operate a data centre whereby graphics processing unit (GPU) servers are in their plentiful. After all, these have hundreds of cores which run at high density configurations. What are the benefits of this system? Let’s find out…

•    Highly effective, especially when dealing with massive computing densities and configurations.

•    Energy is saved. This type of system will not require any additional cooling, such as fans, because the liquids are far more effective when it comes to removing the heat anyway.

•    Hardware can run at much higher temperatures and permit heat recovery from the liquid to give heat for the remaining of the premises.

•    Companies who have used this system so far have noted that it is extremely reliable.

Cold aisle containment and fully immersive liquid cooling systems are two popular methods utilised when tackling modern data centres. Both examples have been given because they are completely contrasting from one and other and thus their use relates to different types of data centres in terms of demands and equipment present – this means one of the two should be applicable and beneficial to your data centre.

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