How to Level Up Your Video Gaming Experience

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If you’re into gaming in any way, you know what leveling up means. When you level up, you get better and better. You open yourself up to more possibilities in the game. The same thing applies in real life. So, let’s boost every game you play with these tips and advice.

Video Gaming experience

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Get the Right Hardware

You can’t have video gaming without the devices used to play. So, what kind of hardware is best for your gaming needs?

There is a huge debate between PC gaming and console gaming, but the truth of the matter is that it depends on your circumstances and your preferences. 

First, let’s discuss mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is by far the most accessible option for most people. You likely already have a smartphone and use it every day, so you don’t need to spend any more money. You can also game on the go. However, mobile phones aren’t designed for gaming which limits the types of games you can play. Also, many mobile games are designed to make money and to be addictive rather than provide a quality experience. However, you can find some very good mobile games out there, if you know where to find them.

You can also buy hardware specifically designed for gaming on the go. Consoles like the Nintendo Switch and the Steamdeck are much better suited than mobile phones, and you can play some of the same games as you could on the PC or on larger consoles. However, you do have to buy the console, unlike if you were to play on your phone.

For most gamers, it does come down to either large consoles or gaming PCs. PCs are more expensive, require more setup, and might not be as user-friendly, but you can get a much higher-quality gaming experience with more versatility. You can play most games on the PC and even tweak them. 

It also comes down to what games you want to play. Some games are only available on certain types of hardware, so do your research if you have a certain game in mind.

Equipping Your Gaming Room

As well as the hardware itself, you should also consider the peripherals and the general setup of your gaming rig. You need somewhere comfortable and that provides enough support for your back and will allow you to play without getting back or neck pain.

This means putting your monitor in a comfortable position so you can continue playing for a long time. If you have to look down or up and the monitor too much, it can cause neck and eye issues.

Finally, consider your peripherals. These will make your gaming experience much better. Consoles come with controllers anyway, and most controllers are compatible with PCs. Speaking of PCS, you might want to invest in a good keyboard and mouse, but it does depend on how you prefer to play.

Your peripherals will also include a headset and speakers to better immerse yourself in the gaming world and, if you need to speak to people in-game, a good microphone.

Modding Your Games

One of the benefits of PC games, as mentioned before, is that they provide more versatility. This is most obvious when you think about modding. A mod, short for modification, is a tweak or change to the game that someone else has designed and developed. When you install a mod, it can make small or large changes to your gaming experience.

Gaming PCS are generally better for modded games, but consoles are introducing modding to certain games. 

A mod is a great way to fix a bug or issue in a game that ruins the experience for you. It can also add content, and some large mods are almost like free DLCs in their size and scope. Modders are highly skilled and love what they do. 

You can also change your gaming experience by buying boosts to your game world or character. Different games offer different options that allow you to advance far more quickly and get out of the slow early game. For example, COD MW3 schematics include craftables and schematics that let you get some more interesting equipment much earlier.

The great thing about mods and other user-created content is that there are almost no limits to what you can experience. You can tweak them on the go and, if you have some coding skills, even give it a shot yourself so you can use the framework of a game you love to polish it even further.



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