The Different Kinds of Italian Folk Music Played In Restaurants

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Italian Folk Music

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Italian folk music is a diverse and vibrant genre that has its roots in the many regions of Italy. Each region has its unique style, rhythm, and instruments, making Italian folk music a fascinating and colorful musical tradition. In this article, we will explore four examples of regional Italian folk music, their characteristics, and the kind of Italian restaurant they would be suitable for.

Tarantella Music

Tarantella is a lively and energetic folk dance that originated in southern Italy. The music is characterized by its fast tempo, staccato rhythms, and the use of castanets and tambourines. Tarantella is often played at weddings and other festive occasions, and it is considered one of the most popular forms of Italian folk music. It would be suitable to play Tarantella music in a lively Italian restaurant with a festive atmosphere. It is the perfect music to play in restaurant settings that need a bit of energy to them.

Pizzica Music

Pizzica is another folk dance from southern Italy that originated in the Salento region. The music is characterized by its fast and repetitive rhythms, and it is often played using traditional instruments, such as the tambourine, accordion, and launeddas. Pizzica is a passionate and energetic dance that was traditionally used to cure the bite of the tarantula spider. It would be suitable to play Pizzica music in a rustic Italian restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The most famous Pizzica song is “Taranta” by the Italian singer and songwriter, Fabrizio De Andrè. The song tells the story of a woman who is bitten by a tarantula spider and must dance the Pizzica to cure herself. “Taranta” is a classic example of the passionate and fiery spirit of Pizzica music.


Canzone Napoletana is a popular form of Italian folk music that originated in Naples. The music is characterized by its sentimental and romantic lyrics, and it is often played using traditional instruments, such as the mandolin and the guitar. Canzone Napoletana has a melancholic and nostalgic feel that captures the essence of life in Naples. It would be suitable to play Canzone Napoletana music in a traditional Neapolitan pizzeria or fish restaurant. The romantic atmosphere created by Canzone’s luscious lyricism can contribute towards a unique cosiness.

Alpine Music

Alpine music is a form of folk music that is popular in the mountainous regions of northern Italy. The music is characterized by its use of traditional instruments, such as the accordion, the zither, and the fife. Alpine music has a rustic and earthy feel that reflects the rugged beauty of the Italian Alps. It is often played during traditional festivals and celebrations. It would be suitable to play Alpine music in a traditional northern Italian eatery. Alpine cuisine is characterized by its use of hearty and flavorful ingredients, such as cheese, potatoes, and cured meats. Alpine Italian cuisine also features a variety of savoury soups and stews that are perfect for the cold, harsh winters of the region. The cuisine is often influenced by the neighboring countries of Austria and Switzerland and is a delicious and unique expression of Italian gastronomy.



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