How To Dress Up Your Baby Girl To Look Adorable

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Once you’ve got over the initial joy of having your baby girl, it’s time to explore baby girl clothes options. Luckily, it’s not the 1950’s anymore! You don’t have to settle for boring white onesies these days. There are a tonne of different baby girls clothes and accessories you can now select from dresses, hair bands and tracksuits.

Baby girls clothes for outdoors

Baby Girl clothes

Are you going out to the park playing outside? Make your baby girl look adorable in a baby girl tracksuit or sweatsuit. Baby girls can now get their own tracksuit just like mom! These two-piece outfits are adorable and come in all kinds of colours. The next stop is to pop your bundle of joy in some trendy sneakers to finish off the look!

The look: Tracksuit baby
Here’s how to complete this look;

Pop your little one into a vest to make sure she stays warm rolling around in the fresh air. Then, put on her tracksuit pants and matching sweater. Next, put on her sneakers and finish this outdoors look off with an adorable hair band! Her friends will be super jealous of how cute she looks! If you really want to add a bit of zazzle, add some clip on earrings!

Baby Girl
The look: Beach ready baby

If you’re going to the beach, why not dress your little one up in some cute baby girls swimsuits that are beach ready?

Here’s how to complete this look;

Make sure you put your baby girl in her diaper and then select a cute plaid swimsuit. You won’t want her feet to get hurt when you hold her up to walk down the pebbles so add in some cute polka dot sandals that match the color scheme of this outfit. Finally, you won’t want your baby girl to get too hot so finish this look off with a pair of baby girl sunglasses and straw hat.

The look: Summer’s day baby girl

What do you put your baby girl in when you’re going for a picnic with the family? A ruffled romper of course! Say goodbye to boring plain dresses, rompers are all the rage these days.

Here’s how to complete this look;

Get your baby girl in her favorite pair of baby girl leggings and then put your baby girl into her romper outfit. To make this outfit look super adorable, add a headband to give her that classic cute baby girl look. Again, if it’s a sunny day, add those baby girl sunglasses mom!

Baby girl clothes for indoors


It’s not just going outside where your baby girl can look adorable, here’s a few outfit ideas to make her look her cutest indoors too.

The look: Casual baby girl

When your baby girl is playing in her room or in her playroom, you want her to feel comfortable in her clothes. Why not buy your baby girl a selection of cute baby girl jumpsuits? Jumpsuits are great because they allow your baby girl to keep her arms free so she can stretch and reach.

Here’s how to complete this look;

Put your baby girl in her favorite set of leggings or socks and then put her into her jumpsuit. Pop the buttons at the top of the jumpsuit to secure her inside it. Next, add a cute headband with a bow around her head so she can play and look stylish at the same time!

Baby Girl dress
The look: Baby girl at dinner

When you’re going out for a meal with your friends, there’s no reason your baby can’t dress up too! There’s a lot of baby girl clothes but the most important of all is her dresses of course! Your baby girl can look just like mom!

Here’s how to complete this look;

For this look you could add some leggings if you’re eating outside or if you’re indoors and you don’t want your baby girl to get too warm, just grab a pair of ribbed socks and then select your baby girl’s best dress in her wardrobe. Of course, you’ll want some cute baby girls shoes to go with this look, so grab some sandals or adorable pink bow shoes. As always, grab one of her many adorable headbands to make here the cutest baby girl in the room!

The look: Cosy baby girl

If you’re just relaxing at home with your baby girl then there’s some cute option for lounging in. This look is perfect for everyday at home.

Here’s how to complete this look;

If you want your baby girl to look cosy around the house on a cold day then put her in a pair of cute leggings and vest and then select an adorable set of hoodies and matching pants. This simple outfit is great because it’s comfy for her at home and you won’t need to get her dressed into something else if you’re going out. A floral patch set, for example, is especially adorable.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to making your baby girl look her most adorable, it’s all about mixing and matching! There’s an endless amount of options to spice up your little girl out there. Hopefully, our guide helps you all make better choices for your daughters.


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