What To Look For When Investing In Jewellery

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Fashion isn’t something you can just subscribe to on a daily basis – it’s also something you can invest some serious money in. When you shop smart, you can bring home some very valuable pieces to keep for years on end, and then one day sell them on for some serious money in return.

And when it comes to investing in fashion, one of the main items that’ll bring value to your closet is jewellery. Gemstones and precious metals are always going to be worth something, and knowing you’re buying smart is essential – so let’s go through what to look for when trying to find an investment piece below. 

Investing Jewellery

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The Price

Long story short: never buy too cheap, but never buy outside of your budget either. The jewellery you invest in needs to sit in the middle, being of value, but also being well made, and capable of gaining value over the years. Indeed, it could be 10 years before you’re able to sell on again, so never price yourself too low to begin with! 

The Type

The type of jewellery is another big part of finding a good investment piece. Indeed, if you can get your hands on something rare, you’re definitely going to be in the money one day! But as it stands, the chances of this are slim, and you’ve got to be smarter about what you’re shopping for.

You’re going to want to look for pieces that are popular in day to day wear. Hoop and stud earrings, subtle rings with popular gem tones (red and blue), chain necklaces, bangles, watches, and even a rare anklet or two. 

When it comes to investing in something that’s fitted with diamonds, you may want to consider only buying Ethical Lab grown diamonds, rather than any that have been mined. Of course, the older the piece, the better value it’s going to be for money. But if buying a modern diamond ring, these diamonds are the real deal, and you can rest assured that no one was hurt in the process of making the ring you’re investing in! 

The Right Person to Sell

Of course, one day you’re going to want to sell the pieces you invest in, to make sure you make the money you’re always dreamed of. But before you do, you need to be sure you’re selling via the right people – it doesn’t really matter who you sell to, but the people who help you sell need to be carefully selected. 

Most people looking to sell investment pieces do so through auctions, as this incurs very few fees and allows for a much more satisfying selling process. Of course, you could sell privately as well, which allows you to set a price point and keep the piece on the market until you find the right buyer. 

When investing in jewellery, take your time, and buy what you know people are going to want. Take few chances, and sell right when the time comes. 


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