Dressing For Your Body Type

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While curating the perfect wardrobe contains many elements, one must consider ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable, capsule, or uniform? Maximalist or minimalist? There are so many things to consider, but one that often goes overlooked, especially as we’re trying to follow trends and put our best foot forward, is – does this item work for my body type?

Let’s take a look at the different body types and what you should be wearing to not only look but feel your best, depending on your body type.

The Ectomorph 

The Ectomorph body type is typically lean and relatively thin. People with this body type have slender waists, narrow shoulders and hips, long arms and legs, and smaller joints. A model or celebrity may come to mind without very much muscle mass or body fat. If you’re a man with this body type, you’re going to look phenomenal in slim-cut everything – jackets, suits, and shirts. If you’re dressing professionally or just generally in a button-up, choose a broader collar to emphasize your shoulders. Women with an Ectomorph body type will look phenomenal in most stylish outfits, including sample sizes. However, plenty of Ectomorph fashionistas wear chunkier clothing to bulk up their thin frame. When you’re taller, it’s essential to pay attention to the length of your shirts, jackets, and pants as they may end up falling too short – no matter your gender. In these situations, it’s best to size up and visit a tailor to bring in areas that you want, hugging you a little closer. 


The Endomorph 

The Endomorph body type is composed of a medium to large bone structure and is prone to carry more fat on their body than an Ectomorph. Female endomorphs are typically curvy and often petite. With such a voluminous and attractive body, you want to focus on petite clothing that hugs you in the right places and accentuates the waist you have. Since you may be on the “shorter” side, make sure you’re shopping for petite pants or shorter dresses and skirts. Depending on their curves or weight, some women can even shop in the children’s section – which is a serious money-saving hack you should take advantage of when you can! 

Men with the Endomorph body type are typically stocky with narrow shoulders and broader hips. Dressing the male Endomorph body isn’t as challenging as it may seem. Opt for solid colors which will help you look taller and slimmer. If you’re shopping for a jacket or suit, make sure you look for something that fits snug through the shoulders and go for narrow collared shirts. 

The Mesomorph

Mesomorphs are naturally more muscular in build, no matter their gender. With broad shoulders and a small waist, not very much body fat, and strong arms and legs – this is one of the most accessible body types to dress as it’s more “average” than the other two types. If you have a mesomorph body type, you want to accentuate your body’s natural “V” shape by making sure your garments fit your nice, broad shoulders and, at the same time, show off your waistline. 

Women with a Mesomorph build look phenomenal in wrap dresses, high-waisted jeans, and bodysuits tucked in and can generally shop right off the rack without any issues. Men with the Mesomorph build may find themselves needing to take some things in at the waist because of the difference between shoulder broadness and smallness of the waist. 

Some Subsets

While there are subsets of each body type, some people prefer to go off the fruit model – apple body types, pear, etc. You can delve into those easily with accessible online quizzes to determine your body type. Generally, though, the three mentioned above are the most accepted and used by stylists to determine the best fit and look for their clients. No matter which body type you possess, know that every body type is beautiful, and there is no standard that you should be chasing. 

The key to feeling confident and looking your best in the fashion you gravitate towards is knowing your body type and the best way to dress it. Investing time to find a tailor that understands your body type and can work with you is vital, primarily if you’re investing money in your wardrobe. By utilizing the guide mentioned earlier to dress for your body type, you’ll get a lot more wear and love out of the clothing you already own, and it will make shopping easier for you too! 


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