Lavish Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones 

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Gift-giving isn’t something that’s just reserved for the holiday season or occasions like Valentine’s Day. Birthday presents, such as greeting letters or even custom-made birthday books, are given year-round and so, sometimes it’s also thoughtful to give “just because” gifts. In fact, giving a gift that someone wasn’t expecting often becomes one of the most memorable gifts for them, one they will always treasure.

But, what do you get for the person who has everything? For the minimalist? Why not go all out? This gift-giving guide isn’t for the faint of heart or those constricted by budgets. This is a list of some of the most lavish gifts you can give your loved ones for any reason or no reason at all. 

Lavish Gifts

A Vacation 

Giving the gift of a luxury vacation isn’t just a physical gift – it’s an experience, a memory, and so much more. Study after study has shown that getting out of dodge is excellent for our mental and emotional health. A bonus of giving a getaway as a gift is you can tag along too. Sure, you can gift your girl and several of her friends a week in Miami, or you could also grant the two of you tickets and a hotel stay in Barcelona, Spain. The choice is, of course, yours, but giving vacations as a gift is about as generous as you can get short of a yacht. 

A cigar set

Another luxurious gift for your loved one can be exclusive Cuban cigars which are perfect for every occasion. If your beloved is a cigar lover he’ll be pleasantly surprised and appreciate your choice. If he’s never tried it yet, it will be an ideal reason to enjoy it together. Cigars have a vast variety of types with different tastes and strengths. For aficionados, you can get a Partagas Cigar set, the famous and unique taste of which makes them distinguished among all other cigars. For light to medium smokers, there are other types such as Romeo y Julietta Churchills, Davidoff and etc.

Fine Jewelry 

There’s something about receiving a jewelry box with a delicate ribbon tied around it, no matter your pronouns. But, when you’re shopping for someone else, save the costume jewelry for them to buy and go with fine jewelry every single time. Fine jewelry is not only a positive investment as it retains its value and can even become more valuable – it’s also likely to be worn often, if not every day, meaning the recipient will get a lot of use out of it. You can head to Tiffany’s or search out unique estate jewelry; just make sure you’re giving high-quality, certified jewelry. Take into account the recipient’s taste and typically go for gold or silver jewelry. If you’re struggling to find a piece that screams their name to you, enlist friends or family members of theirs to help you out. Remember, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 

A New Home 

Maybe you’re in a committed relationship, and you’re ready to take things to the next level, even if you’re not ready to get engaged. If you find that you and your partner are spending more time in each other’s apartments than at your own, it may be a great gift idea to purchase a home. Hopefully, you have similar tastes regarding the type of home you’d want to live in and agree on city versus countryside. Equally romantic could be buying a plot of land and telling them you want to design your dream home together. 

Home purchases can also be an extravagant gift to buy aging parents or loved ones. If you know that the home they’re in isn’t conducive to their lifestyle changes due to age or disability, consider offering to renovate their home to make them comfortable or to house hunt with them with the stipulation you’re paying for the home. Home, after all, is where the heart is, making this lavish gift something they’ll always feel safe and loved in, thanks to you.

gift experience

Give Your Time 

You may have been reading this list and thought, I can afford lavish, but not that level of extravagance. It’s a sad state to be in, but these days, giving the gift of your time is considered more than generous to the recipient. Time is money, and time is precious – these adages exist because they’re true. That’s why it’s so meaningful to others when we donate our time to those we love. Maybe someone has an overgrown garden and isn’t in the position to tend it – take care of that for them. Perhaps they are going through significant stress or grief and just need a shoulder to cry on, be that shoulder. While it may cost you nothing, this gift is priceless to the person receiving it. 

Gifts are personal things or should be anyway. Showing the people we love them is an important thing to do every day. After all, life is short, and sometimes we regret not letting people know how important they were to us as often as we should have. Let the ideas mentioned above inspire you to go “all-out” for the people you treasure the most and make memories that last a lifetime. 


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