Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing Up In India

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People who haven’t visited India get the impression that all Indians dress traditionally all the time. The truth is, most people dress in regular clothes just like every other place in the world but still, there are still many people who prefer the traditional look. 

The people are conservative, but they are also very fashionable. India has many fashionistas, and not all styles mean you have to be fully covered up. If you are visiting India for the first time, here are some of the do’s and don’ts you should consider when choosing your style.

Dress code India

Don’t: Yoga pants in public

It’s not like you are forbidden to wear yoga pants at all but if you are going to do that, make sure you have a long shirt to cover your bum. Indian women are traditional, and you will get disapproving looks. Worse still is the attention you will get from the men. If you want to feel confident and comfortable, you will have to ditch the yoga pants.

Do: Allow show back clothes

You shouldn’t be afraid to come out with a low cut back dress or shirt in public. Indian women do show their backs, especially in their saris. An open back shirt won’t draw any attention to you, so it is safe to pack those along with you.

Do: Wear V-neck shirts

You are free to wear a V-neck shirt so far it isn’t cut too low. If it is moderately low, nobody will be bothered about your look. There are nice V-neck shirts you can try on besides, they always look great on a pair of jeans.

Do: Wear maxi skirts

You will find most ladies in maxi skirts and dresses here in India. They are usually very comfortable and come in different designs. If you want to get nice dresses and stylish traditional wear, you should check out Nihal Fashions. They have a nice selection there, and you can match them up with accessories as well as gladiator sandals.

Do: Wear heels

You can rock your high heel shoes and sandals any time and in any place. The raised shoe platform will keep your long dresses from touching the dirt.

Do: Allow some decent cleavage

Though you can show some cleavage, it has to be mostly concealed. If you show too much cleavage, you will offend other women. Many saris will likely bring attention to the cleavage, but if you know your busts are large, your best bet is not to bring too much attention to them. You can wear saris that are low cut, and they are still sexy.

Don’t: Wear mini skirts or dresses

When you dress up in India, you will need to check your dress length before stepping out. You will draw attention when you have anything on that goes above your knee. If it is a free skirt though, you can wear it. The only problem with short skirts is when it is a tight pencil skirt or bodycon mini dress. If you want to wear anything short, make sure it’s loose and wear a decent top over it.

Don’t: Wear shorts in public

You won’t have a problem with shorts in Delhi, but if you go anywhere else in India in shorts, you will get stares. You don’t want to go out offending anyone with your dressing. You can’t put on shorts anywhere outside your house. 


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