It’s easier than ever to quit smoking, and here’s why

quit smoking,

Smokers have been trying to put down the cigarettes for decades without any luck. When push comes to shove, the idea of a life without smokes is too much to bear and it’s easier to continue. After all, life is too short; at least, that’s what the smokers argue.

Of course, things change and what was once nearly impossible is probable in today’s modern age. Thanks to the advances in technology, there are more tools available than ever before, the majority of which are scientifically-certified. Okay, quitting one of the worst habits in the history of humankind is still not a walk in the park because it’s an addiction. However, there isn’t a better time to start than now, as evidenced by the 5% drop in smokers since 2005.

Why is this the case? What makes 2019 the pinnacle of quitting in smoking’s long history? Take a look at the following to find out more. Maybe you’ll be convinced to give it another try and reduce your risk of heart disease, strokes and cancers.

Increased Awareness

When cigarettes were first released for public consumption, the ads centered on them being healthy and critical for a happy lifestyle. Now, the whole world is aware of the risks involved in smoking just two cigarettes per day. To use stats to drill home the point, smokers that quit reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease by 38% within five years. Per year, this is a reduction of more than 7% percent annually. It’s no wonder 70% of people that smoke want to stop.

Still, smoking is an addiction, so why is increased awareness a benefit? People have known about the dangers for years and continue to inhale the fumes. The answer is simple: technology. In the past, word of mouth was the main marketing tool yet that has changed. Today, there are TV screens everywhere lamenting the risks of cigarettes, not to mention ads on social media and search engines.

Thanks to increased internet accessibility, there is greater awareness than ever and it affects the public’s psyche. Subconsciously, the message sinks in more and encourages smokers to quit.

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Government Action

The debate about whether the government should get involved in the public’s life is a heated one, but it’s undeniable that they have regarding smoking. They have taken action to improve the wellbeing of their citizens, and it has helped whether you agree with the tactic or hate it.

Take warning signs on cigarette packets. The image of what smoking can do to the human body is enough to the most ardent smoker think twice. But, the real masterstroke was when they banned the ads and TV commercials. While ones that encourage quitting are fine, the ones that want to promote it are not and it helps those who have recently given up.

Without the powerful marketing campaigns, it’s not as tempting to start once you have stopped. As a result, you’re more likely to adopt a healthy routine and stick with it in the long-term.

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Quitting Tools

When people first tried to stop, there weren’t many options in terms of tools to help them quit. At most, there were tobacco patches that provided a hit and not much else. Fast-forward thirty years and the landscape of quitting equipment has changed dramatically, and this is one reason for the rise in people quitting cigarettes.

The likes of alternatives such as vaping kits, chewing gum, tobacco pouches (click here to know more), and even smoking therapy are all beneficial in their own way. Smoking an e-cigarette has become very popular because it’s easy, affordable and accessible with a 18650 battery and an internet prescription. Of course, it’s not only the fact that new tech is available in the 21st-century – it’s the development process.

New research, thanks to the raised awareness of the dangers of smoking, is constantly reviewing equipment like the ones above to make it better. As time goes on, they will only get more powerful and be more effective at reducing the addiction in smokers.

Direct Hit

Another thing that makes quitting tools effective is their ability to deliver one vital chemical. A regular cigarette releases nicotine, the addictive part, but it also spews out a host of chemicals, including tar. It’s the stuff that comes after that increases the risk of heart disease, strokes and cancers. Remove them and you can get your hit without any harmful side- effects.

Well, the vaping industry has done that with the introduction of the e-cigarette. One hit of the electronic substitute and you can get as much nicotine as you need without the dangerous chemicals. For people who want to quit, this is a massive breakthrough as there is no need to take a risk. Buy an e-cig instead and you can smoke healthily than ever before, and it’s not hard to see why it’s tempting.

There are negatives to direct hits of nicotine too, and the evidence as to whether it’s healthy is inconclusive. For the most part, however, the studies suggest it’s better than smoking a proper cigarette.

The Grey Area

It used to be the case that someone could tell a smoker to stop being weak and go cold turkey. Smoking was like mental health: nobody realized the true nature of the situation. And, this was because no one was willing to read between the lines and analyze the grey areas.

Recently, it all changed thanks to groups trying to change the perception of smoking. Now, everybody understands there are triggers which increase the likelihood of smoking and that you need to avoid them to quit. A prime example is drinking alcohol, but there is also the environment, the social group and the situation. Once the realization is obvious, the next step is simple: change your habits to reduce the risk of lighting up again.

That’s why people who smoke when they’re stressed should replace the habit with a healthier one. Yes, it’s not as simple as a swap, but more manageable now that society understands the reasons behind smoking other than nicotine.

It’s easy to quit smoking than ever before because of increased knowledge and enhancements in technology. As they expand, the process should only get more comfortable.


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