6 Face Masks for Different Skin Concerns 

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Everyone is embracing self-care these days and reaping the benefits. On top of the emotional health benefits of self-check-ins and pampering, there are physical benefits. While self-care looks different for many people, for a lot of them, it’s a night of wearing a face mask in a robe, with a glass of wine and a great book or Netflix series.

While grabbing a face mask in the beauty aisle is easy because you like the packaging, it’s worth investing in masks targeting specific skin concerns. After all, skincare is never a one size fits all approach, so learning which masks will help you glow up the brightest is essential. Keep reading about the different face masks for certain skin issues so you can shop around, add to your cart and check out confidently. 

Masks for Skin Concerns 

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Face Mask for Dry Skin 

Whether you have mature skin, naturally dry skin, or just dealing with winter skin woes, a face mask for dry skin is a great fix. Face masks targeted are dry skin not only by deeply infusing moisture into thirsty skin but also great for plumping up your facial skin. Common ingredients in a face mask for dry skin are squalene, arnica, and hyaluronic acid. Dry skin can be incredibly difficult to treat without leaving you looking oily, so make sure you invest in masks with ingredients you trust and proven results. 

Silicone Masks for Wrinkles 

As we age, it’s natural for our skin to develop lines and wrinkles. While aging gracefully is in trend these days, plenty of people want to stave off the hands of time in the most natural way possible, and silicone masks are a great option for wrinkles. Silicone is great at plumping your outer skin layers, which helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. While they won’t produce the results of injectables, people are starting to reject anti-aging injectables anyway. Age gracefully with the help of silicone masks and other targeted skincare products for maturing skin.

For the Acne Prone 

It’s not just teenagers who suffer from acne and breakouts. Many women deal with hormonal acne at some point during their menstrual cycles, and some women deal with acne again later in life as they enter menopause. No matter the cause of your breakouts, they can be a source of frustration for you when they’re flaring. One of the best facial masks for acne-prone skin or active acne is clay based. Clay is fantastic at absorbing oil and purifying active pimples and zits. The clay is also soothing to inflamed skin, giving your acne-prone skin a calmer and brighter appearance. 

Plants for Hyperpigmentation 

Skin hyperpigmentation, especially on your face, can be a hard skin issue to live with. While many people resort to lasers and peels to finally eliminate their hyperpigmentation, opting for a gentler, plant-based, and botanical facial mask may be worth considering. Discoloration and dark spots can be helped with licorice root and kojic acid, the main ingredients in masks aimed at hyperpigmentation. They’re full of antioxidant properties and can help not only with discoloration but also with increasing brightness. 

Exfoliating to Brighten 

Regarding skin brightness, exfoliating masks are the best way to boost your natural brightness during an at-home self-love session. Dead skin cells build up and can quickly dull your skin’s complexion. Exfoliating masks eliminate these dead skin cells to reveal brighter-looking, beautiful skin cells that were underneath all along. These masks traditionally contain AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), a well-studied and proven exfoliator. 

Soothing for Sensitive Skin 

Dealing with sensitive skin is a careful balancing act – from reacting easily or not reacting at all. Easy to be oily, sensitive enough to weather to dry out. Dealing with the redness, itchiness, and sometimes pain that comes with sensitive skin can feel overwhelming. Face masks with soothing ingredients like aloe and marshmallow root are a great place to start. You want water-based products to calm your skin, and research has shown that thermal spring water, specifically, has trace minerals that are anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin. 

There are so many face masks on the market that it can feel overwhelming. While finding an option for your specific skin concerns is easier with the information above, you can also DIY your face masks for a fun at-home project with beautiful results. Regardless of your skin concerns, some masks can help you look and feel your best, and we all deserve that.


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