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Fashion store lighting guide – Flux Magazine

Fashion store lighting guide

words Alexa Wang

A lot of people mistakenly assume that fashion retail is a dying business. But, this isn’t necessarily the case. People still enjoy in-store shopping as it allows them to interact with the clothes in real life. You can fit the clothes and feel the material before you purchase an item to make sure it’s the right fit.

However, part of creating a successful fashion store lies in getting the right lighting. Here are some tips on how to use retail lighting to your advantage. But first, let’s take a look at the different types of fashion store lighting.

About fashion store lighting

Fashion store lighting can be categorized under retail lighting and it comes in four different types, namely:

  1. Accent lighting

The purpose of accent lighting is to highlight particular displays or areas within the store. It’s essential to making sure that star products stand out. You can use this type of lighting to draw attention to particular areas in your store, and it’s ideal to use when you’re running a promotion.

Accent light fixtures come in different sizes and can be placed on the walls, in nook displays or even in shelving.

  • Task lighting

You might be familiar with task lighting fixtures from using them in your home. But this type of lighting is versatile enough for use in retail spaces as well. As the name implies, task lighting is intended to provide a flood of illumination in particular spaces within the store, from the back office to your service desks, dressing rooms and checkout counters.

The great thing about task lighting fixtures is that they often come in beautiful designs that add a decorative element as well. 

  • Decorative lighting

The name says it all; decorative lighting is not just about illuminating spaces but is meant to contribute to your fashion store’s aesthetic. A few examples of decorative lighting include things like pendant lights, chandeliers and elegant track systems that enhance the customer experience.

  • Ambient lighting

It’s incredibly important to get ambient lighting right because it’ll impact the overall vibe or feeling you want to capture in your store.

Each element contributes to creating an inviting space and a unique shopping experience. Fashion store lighting also comes in the form of LEDs, fluorescent and halogen light fixtures. 

Getting the balance right when it comes to retail lighting isn’t that difficult when you know what to do and what to look for. In the following section, we’ll share with you a process anyone can follow to achieve perfect fashion store lighting.

How to create atmosphere through lighting

Atmosphere refers to the feel of your store. It’s an intangible energy or sensation that people get as soon as they enter the space. It creates an almost emotional response and makes it easier for people to navigate through your store. Based on the type of lighting you choose, it’s possible to create a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience, or a fast-paced, high-energy one.

Knowing the kind of atmosphere you’d like to create is the first step to figuring out what type of light fixtures you need.

How to find the right light fixtures

Whether you’re looking for dome lights or vintage pendant lights, it’s important to find a reliable lighting shop from which to purchase your light fixtures.  Of course, the types of fixtures you buy will depend on the ambience you’d like to create.

Experts recommend using a combination of different fixtures to suit different parts of your store. For instance, your shelves will need different light fixtures from your dressing rooms.


Every light fixture creates a certain “temperature” in your space depending on its color. For instance, cool white light fixtures create a spacious ambience and are perfect for making a small space seem larger. On the other hand, warm colors like copper and orange create a feeling of warmth and intimacy. They’re ideal for store owners who want to create a feeling of familiarity.

Light bulbs

When it comes to light bulbs, trends point towards LED lighting. That’s because it’s an energy efficient and cost-effective option that’ll help you keep overheads low.  LED lights are also versatile in that they help you illuminate specific areas and they’re small yet incredibly bright.

With that said, LED lights are not for everyone and they may not work for every aspect of your store. You have other options at your disposal, such as linear fluorescent lights. You can use LEDs for accent lighting and fluorescents for ambient lighting.


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