Faux fur or natural – which rug is right for you?

Faux fur or natural – which rug is right for you? – words Alicia Turnbull

Natural cowhide and fur rugs look stylish and give a rustic appearance to the home, but there is a range of other benefits that can be gained from using fur rugs in your decorations too.

Real fur and hide rugs are natural, durable, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Here we explore the benefits of using real fur rugs in the home.


They Are Natural

A lot of materials are treated with chemicals before they are used to make rugs and this can cause them to be unpleasant to the touch and you may even suffer allergies to them. A real fur rug, however, is a natural and often organic feature. They are often tanned using organic products and using a natural fur rug can make this the most hypoallergenic choice out there. Unless you have an allergy to the animal itself, there is nothing in a natural hide that you can be allergic to.

Bringing nature into the home is also a great way to make it into a softer and gentler space. Design trends are moving towards creating nature-inspired spaces that help to draw you away from the harsh realities of the world, and there is nothing that could be more natural than real fur rugs and furnishings. 

They Are Durable

Hide is also one of the most durable materials that there is. Rugs made from cowhide or real fur benefit from the durability of the strong and powerful animals that they come from. Hide rugs will almost always outlast synthetic or cotton rugs and they are great in areas where they may take some punishment. Hide is naturally water resistant, which means it will withstand the rigours of being in a kitchen, doorway or bathroom as well as making it far easier to clean. The hide rug will show far less wear and tear ensuring that it will remain beautiful for longer.

They Are More Comfortable

Animals have fur for warmth and comfort and this means that rugs made from real fur are warm and comfortable too. Once they have been treated and cleaned you will enjoy excellent comfort from a cowhide rug or a fur rug. They are often softer than other rugs and they are very warm, making them great for hanging on sofa backs and excellent for laying on the floor too.

They Are Renewable

Real hide is also a renewable and sustainable source of rug material. Most rugs use non-sustainable processes to create them but real hide rugs are totally sustainable. They are often taken from animals that are used for meat and they are often farmed so that there is no impact on the natural population. These real hide rugs can often be more environmentally friendly than many of the other non-natural counterparts.

Faux Fur

While faux fur rugs or faux fur throw blanket do not have all of the benefits of real fur rugs, there are benefits to these too. Faux fur rugs can help to bring a more natural ambience into the home and this can have a positive impact on your happiness. They also add a great deal of warmth to the property and can have a very pleasant feel.

Natural rugs are comfortable, soft to the touch, durable and long-lasting. They can add to the warmth of the home and they are also a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly form of rug preparation. Real fur rugs are brilliant for draping over sofas to add a touch of warmth and nature to your home and are fantastic as floor coverings that will stand the test of time too.

Faux fur or natural – which rug is right for you? – words Alicia Turnbull


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