Essential features of Rado watches you can’t do without

Essential features of Rado watches you can’t do without – words Al Woods

If you were a watch enthusiast, you would know how Rado is one of the best watch manufacturers in the world. If you aren’t a fan of watches, you may have still heard about this from advertisements, and even across airport shops all over the world. There is a wide following and demand for Rado watches, indeed.

Rado watches are famous not just for their quality, but because of their style, elegance, and features. If you are eyeing to buy one, stop first and read this guide to have a list of the best features Rado watches have that you can take advantage of.

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1. Its Minimalistic Designs

Although Rado has been continuously upgrading to live up to the times, there is one thing that has remained constant: its minimalistic design. Rado watches are those that you can take from a casual day, to a workday and even an evening affair. Whatever your sense of style is, there is a watch to fit your preference. Rado watches are as elegant as they come because of the sleek and polished designs that the brand boasts of. If you are going to base the quality of a watch on its physical appearance alone, then Rao watches will surely catch your attention, especially if you are trying to use your watch as your jewelry piece.

2. Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Dial Window

One of the most common concerns watch wearers have is dreading the day their watch will have scratches. With a Rado watch, this is something you will never have to worry about. Not only are Rado watches scratch-resistant, but they are also made out of sapphire crystal. How elegant and classy is that?

3. SuperLuminova

In some of its models, you will find the SuperLuminova feature. This allows you to read and see the time even in pitch darkness. This enhanced visibility makes the Rado watch perfect for those who are always on the go, particularly businesspeople and even flight attendants. You no longer have to be burdened by having to switch on lighting so that you can tell the time.

This feature, for instance, is found on the Rado Hyperchrome Dual Time.

4. Water-Resistant

Rado boasts not only of being classic and stylish, but functional as well. As an entrepreneur or a professional enjoys the sleekness of their watch, they can also make the most out of their purchase without having to buy another watch should they decide to go on an adventure. Some Rado watches boast of being water-resistant for up to 100 ft to 330 ft. That is undoubtedly deep enough so you are sure that your watch is safe to wear in a 6-feet swimming pool during your holiday. This feature removes the worry of accidentally destroying your watch should you forget to remove it as you dive in the water.

5. Date Window

Date windows on watches have become an everyday favorite, especially for the younger generation. Not only do you want to be able to tell the time, but you will also want the convenience of answering, “What day is it?” Most Rado watches have this feature, and it is certainly something you shouldn’t miss. Albeit a minute detail, it is very helpful, particularly if you are constantly traveling, or if you always have important dates to take note of.

6. Plasma-Treated High-Tech Ceramic

Most watches are still generally made of stainless steel along the wrist area. But Rado has pushed the limits of durability, with its watches boasting of a wrist strap made of plasma-treated high-tech ceramic. If you intend on buying a watch that will last you through the years, or one that you can even hand down to your children and grandchildren, this is the type of wristband that you should be looking for.

To start your search, this plasma-treated high-tech ceramic can be found on models such as the Rado Diamaster. It is valued high for a reason: the manufacturing process is as delicate as it can be. To achieve this kind of strength and durability, the plasma ceramic is heated to up to 20,000 degrees Celsius.


Rado has been making a name for itself in the watch industry for over a hundred years now. And, by the looks of it, there is no stopping this brand. After all, Rado is following in the line of all other Swiss watchmakers. Albeit costly, you are still left assured that every dollar spent on your Rado watch is indeed worth the investment. It is one that you can even pass on from one generation to the next.

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