Men’s Jewellery – The perfect fashion statement for any occasion

words Alan Woods

For the modern man, jewellery is now an everyday fashion statement, and is so much more than just a wedding band or cufflinks. Men’s jewellery is now becoming more and more popular, thanks to designers coming through with different styles and designs to choose from.

The world of men’s jewellery used to be governed by rules, much like the rest of their wardrobe. In 1860, it was advised that men never wore jewels for ornament, but to let them have some use or functionality; perhaps this is why the watch chain dominated for so long, or why cravat and tie pins were deemed a necessary part of a man’s wardrobe.

As time as progressed, so has the approach to men’s jewellery. Choosing it with the utmost care, it can be used to proudly display your wealth, or simply to accessorise the outfit of the day. What was deemed as theatrical and excessive has now become the norm; some male jewellery effortlessly rivals its female counterparts when it comes to design.

When it comes to modern day, men’s jewellery is seen in many different forms and has become a prominent feature. This is why now every man can learn how to make a fashion statement. So, if you’re looking for a special piece of your own, what are your options?

Own a Signature Bangle

Men’s bangles are becoming increasingly more popular, allowing you to show off a bit of personality and adding extra style to your outfit. Whether your preference is silver or gold, a signature bangle is understated enough to become a permanent feature of your ensemble.

With the favourable trend of personalising your jewellery, men’s bangles can be stamped with a personal quote or message, making them perfect for a gift or simply just for treating yourself. A modest piece of men’s jewellery, a silver or gold bangle could add a touch of finesse.

Opt For a Rope Bracelet

Men’s jewellery bracelets really make a statement. For those who prefer a more rugged style of jewellery, rope bracelets add a perfect balance of simplicity and charm. Similar to a friendship bracelet in style, a men’s rope bracelet is a classic design that can be worn alone or stacked with other designs. Men’s jewellery designers love to explore the rope bracelet and even luxury mens jewelry brands get in on the act.

Rope bracelets are reminiscent of sailors, with a nautical feel to them. Bringing inspiration from travelling to your everyday jewellery, ensuring it’s a keepsake you’ll look after for years to come. Arm candy for the discerning man, a rope bracelet is equal parts attractive and masculine. No matter if you opt for Harbour UK men’s bracelets or a different designer, you’ll be sure to find a rope bracelet that suits your style. Keep in mind that these bracelets can be dressed up or down, making them a versatile addition to any outfit.

Invest In a St Christopher Necklace

St Christopher necklaces have become somewhat of a special gift over the years, and for good reason. The legend of St Christopher is that he wanted to find a way to please God. He did so by carrying a child across a dangerous river; this child then revealed himself as Christ. Christopher became the patron saint of travellers.

A St Christopher necklace takes inspiration from this legend and is said to protect whoever wears it on their travels or long journeys. The necklace is often seen in either silver or gold and comes in the shape of a small coin.

Wear a Signet Ring

Signet rings are an ancient design that were even mentioned in the Bible. They were originally used as a way of leaving your mark; essentially a man’s signature. You could very easily leave an impression in wax or clay on a document. Signet rings were also used as a seal too. Fashion statement rings now do pretty much the same thing.

Even when the art of using signet rings in this way declined, the jewellery itself remained popular. They became a status symbol, and then a way of making a more personal statement. Modern men’s signet rings can be engraved with initials or simply kept plain. They can be quite the high end men’s jewelry piece.

A signet ring now has a nostalgic appeal while adding to your own individual style. Made in many different shapes and sizes, you have the option to wear your very own take on a signet ring and that perfect fashion statement.



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