A brief history of the iconic Gucci logo

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history of the iconic Gucci logo

Ever wondered who created the iconic Gucci logo and what the inspiration was? Discover the fascinating history behind Gucci’s famous emblem.

Gucci is perhaps the most recognizable designer fashion label.  he luxury brand has been producing fashion items, primarily high-end leather goods and clothing for almost 100 years. An Italian businessman and fashion designer Guccio Gucci founded The House of Gucci in Florence, Italy in 1921.

In terms of the Gucci logo and its brand, very little has changed since. We’ll give you a brief history here, and discuss what has made the immutable Gucci symbol a mainstay of the fashion world for almost a century.

Designer Son

Before founding his company, Guccio Gucci worked in the top hotels in Paris and London as a bellhop. It was then that he noticed the elegant and luxurious luggage of the guests, which was often monogrammed. It was only when he returned to Florence that he began his luxury luggage business.

Although the company started in 1921, it was only later that his three of his sons Aldo, Vasco, and Rudolfo joined what was now the family business.  The company expanded and had two new shops, one in Milan and one in Rome. Up until this point, the company had simply used the name GUCCI all in capital letters as its brand. It was pleasing enough given the roundness of the letters G and C.

It was only in 1933  when his son Aldi joined the company that the logo came into being. It was Guccio Gucci’s son Aldi who came up with the idea and design of the two inward-facing, stylized capital Gs that the Gucci logo was born.

history of Gucci logo

Influenced by Bauhaus?

Many people have said, although it cannot be confirmed, that the design was influenced by the “form follows function” and minimalist principles of Bauhaus design, founded in 1919. Nobody can verify that, but it is plausible given the enormous influence Bauhaus had on popular culture worldwide, not least in the areas of fashion and design.

Bauhaus was incredibly modern for its time. The classic lines of the two Gs have proved to be timeless. Some say that it also seems to be an artistic representation of a belt buckle. Indeed, these days, Gucci does manufacture black leather belts featuring the logo in gold as the buckle.

Gucci Logo Synonymous With High Quality

Initially, the Gucci logo appeared below the name GUCCI, but in the last forty years or so, with the increased public demand for visible designer labels, the logo has appeared on products from luggage to ties and scarves on its own.

If you would like to see how the luxury brand Gucci has explored ways to maximize the use of its brand, browse the latest designs.  The gold watch on the page linked above is a striking example of how a simple design has been combined with imagination and top quality craftsmanship to produce a status object which is impressive in itself. It is easy to see that the Gucci logo is now synonymous with luxury and sophistication.

Gucci Brand Success — The Logo On Its Own

As one of the hottest fashion labels on the planet, loved by the wealthy and celebrities alike, Gucci seldom has the need for more than its iconic logo of two plain, inward-facing capital Gs in plain black on white. It has stood the test of time and has forged a permanent place in the minds and of the hearts of discerning fashion lovers the world over. What more could you want from a brand and a logo?

In fact, it is the perfect case study, showing consistent quality in manufacture combined with designing excellence. While many designers have worked for The House of Gucci, the company has retained the ark of its founder in more ways than one. If you liked this article on the Gucci logo, browse around and read about other fashion items and other interesting tips and trends our online magazine publishes every day.


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