Get yourself educated and live out your dreams

Get yourself educated and live out your dreams – words Alan Woods

My educational route was unorthodox. I didn’t do well at school and it then took many years of retracing my steps, going to college part-time to gain qualifications and getting my confidence back until I eventually managed to get myself on a degree course.

Many young people though can simply give up or just feel the odds are stacked against them. Sometimes they get bad advice from misguided careers advisers who might be judgmental about a person’s potential.

These new videos then produced by GSM London are a great way to try and get over the idea that the only thing really stopping you is your own self-doubt most of the time. They have created two videos that centre on two spoken word performers who have created pieces set to music with their own lyrical sentences flowing over the top. I really like the video by Glitch an up and coming spoken word poet. She poignantly relates about her own experiences and expands that to how young people can sometimes feel alienated from the education system but how in reality you can take control over your own destiny and follow your dreams.

Who better to show young people that it can be done than by a young artist who has taken control of her own life herself and chosen career and put herself on the line in this way? Glitch tells it like it is in this blunt but powerful video where her positive spoken word relates with some force. Hopefully it will inspired people to takes their lives and educations into their own hands and follow their dreams.

To find out more on how to get yourself educated and the courses offered at GSM London visit the website

Get yourself educated and live out your dreams – words Alan Woods


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