It’s personal! Gift ideas for the guy who has everything

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It’s personal! Gift ideas for the guy who has everything – words Alexa Wang

Christmas is the time of giving, and we all enjoy buying our friends gifts to make them smile.

However, some people are the worst to buy for, and the very thought of shopping for their present can see you breaking out in a small sweat.

You know that they already have everything at home, and it seems as though there isn’t anything you could give to enrich their life anymore. However, that’s more than likely not true. Instead, this person simply may not need more of the same material possessions; they could probably do with something more unique.

1. Personalised Items



There’s something about personalisation that means that even if your friend already owns the item on which you’re about to print your face, they won’t mind, because it’s personal. Go for something they might use every day, such as a pillow and a mug. You could even go one step further and buy a personalised calendar, as that way they get 12 months of memories, and you could surprise them with some really embarrassing old photos of the two of you, or perhaps even photos of their favourite animal.

2. Gig Tickets



Buying an experience is one of the best things that you can get for someone who already has everything. You know that it isn’t going to end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere, and providing you know that they will definitely be free on the date, you’ll be giving them something that they can remember for a long time. Find out when their favourite bands are playing and get two tickets, so that way they can take a friend (you) to say thanks for being a great friend (you again). It’s a win-win, because you get to treat your mate to an awesome gig, and it is also a present for yourself – providing you like the same music, of course.

3. Books



We don’t read enough books nowadays, and there are some quirky coffee table books that might just sit nicely in your friend’s living room, even if they never get around to reading it. Books used to be the bane of every privileged child’s life. You would reach under the tree to find a nice heavy parcel, only to be able to make out the spine and the pages before you had even opened it. In these digital times, however, we celebrate and look forward to receiving books as though they are a great relic of the past; we sniff them whilst exclaiming “Oh, I LOVE the smell of books,” before putting them on the shelf to gather dust. We love books, and this is what makes them such a good gift.

People who “have everything” are really annoying, but not quite as impossible to buy for as you might first think. Once you have exchanged gifts, you might want to let them know how unusually difficult they are to buy for, and they may give you a couple of hints!



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