4 ways to give a parent a tech makeover

words Alexa Wang

Depending on what age your parent is, they may be in need of a technology makeover. Having a more senior relative with a house that’s full of out of date appliances and gadgets can be incredibly frustrating, particularly when it comes to communication. We’re in the run-up to Christmas, and you may want to treat your parent or parents to some new kit, whether that’s in terms of personal devices or in the comfort of their own home.

New phone

If your parents never turn their smartphone on because they don’t know how to use it, this can be hugely frustrating. Therefore, when you do buy them a new phone, you may want to invest in one that’s easier to use, and a bit less complex. While a smartphone isn’t so hard to learn, sometimes it’s easier to avoid this barrier to communication altogether. Something like a Jitterbug Direct phone, which works on easy-to-understand functionality, could be ideal.  

Updated speaker system

If your parents love their music, then it could be really thoughtful to buy them a new speaker system for their living room. Chances are, at least one of your parents will still be working off CDs or vinyl, and so all you really need is one component to replace their hi-fi system.

You could also invest in smaller, Bluetooth connection speakers if your parents are actually quite tech-savvy. This way, they can play their music in any room of the house at any time. Getting ones that are waterproof are also ideal if your parent likes to listen to the radio while they’re in the garden, too. If Bluetooth seems a bit too advanced, then just a portable, weatherproof DAB radio could be just as sophisticated and handy.

New lighting

You can make new lighting as high or low-tech as you want it. You could install more contemporary LED lighting fixtures to give their kitchen a bit of style and sophistication, or maybe even mood lighting to give their evenings some relaxation. Replacing the lighting in some rooms of your home can have a profound effect on how it feels, particularly at night time.


Smartwatches have had some pretty bold claims attached to them in recent years, which has inspired the likes of Vitalband to craft smartwatches that monitor the body’s functions, particularly the cardiovascular system. Whether you just want to treat them to a snazzier watch, or you’re worried about a recent health concern, a smartwatch could be a fabulous Christmas or birthday present. You may have to explain some of its functionality, but if it brings you peace of mind it could ultimately be worth it.

Senior parents can sometimes be hard to buy for, particularly if we regard them as being a bit behind the times. A good way to bring them into the 21st century is to give them a bit of a tech makeover. Buying items that benefit them, rather than just purchasing them for the sake of it, could make them easier to reach and maybe even improve their quality of life slightly.


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