How to troll people in real life without being a jerk

words Al Woods

Let’s face it. Trolling can be really satisfying.

That’s not to say that we should be trolls and hurt people. No, that would be bad. But to troll somebody to the point where they can’t help but chuckle because they know you got them. They admit they got trolled.

With the word troll and trolling coming to mean some rude, vicious online creature that is trying to hurt people’s feelings, it might seem like you just shouldn’t troll.

When it is done right, it can be fun. So, here are some ways to troll people without them feeling attacked.


This is the most acceptable way to troll. Everybody loves to make fun of the other team or rival fans. Trolling takes things up a notch by being really clever, or by being high effort.

Look at how frequently the NBA has been getting trolled by people wearing custom apparel in the NBA games.

Even teams have gotten into the act of trolling. Like the time the Nationals trolled the Phillies by driving their championship buses through downtown Philadelphia.

You can even troll by taking on the role of the obnoxious fan of a team the whole country hates. That way you can troll a lot more people at once! Everybody hates the Patriots, so this is an easy one.

Just start with innocent questions and then lead into how Tom Brady is the best QB of all time. That will definitely get a rise out of most people.

You can even take it a step further by trying to argue with Patriots fans that he is not even in the top five best QB’s and see the steam start coming out of their ears.


It’s a great way to show your love for your friends when you troll them in real life. Unless you go over the line and do something that could potentially impact their life in a bad way, then they will gleefully be planning how to troll you back once they realize that you got them.

The easiest way to get them is through their phone. There is an app that shows the ellipses of a text being typed that you can send them so they keep waiting for your response. Of course, none is coming because it isn’t real. See how long it takes for them to realize it.

The public

Some great examples of trolling are when people will use their garage roof for the master troll. By painting Welcome To Cleveland on their roof if they live under a flight path, then it can send a wave of confusion through the passengers of the plane.


The most classic troll is when you do some creative photoshopping of pictures around the house. Swapping a baby’s face with Yoda, for instance, and then waiting to see how long it takes them to notice provides a lot of fun.

If your SO is often using an old school bathroom scale, then adjusting it to make it look like they’ve gained weight is another classic.

Just don’t be an internet troll. Those are never funny.


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