Sprucing up those overlooked corners of your home

Sprucing up those overlooked corners of your home – words Alexa Wang

Let’s face it… running a home can be challenging. On top of looking after the kids, cooking and cleaning, there’s little time in the day to focus on you – let alone consider improvement projects.

But when time is freed to give your home a spruce up, where do you start? Below, we’ve rounded up some corners of your home that are usually neglected.


The Sun Room

Sun rooms and conservatories are notoriously neglected by homeowners. The idea of a garden room may sound good on paper, but in practice, they often cold, damp and only useable for a couple of months a year. One way to make the most out of your sun room, however, is to install patio doors, like the ones offered at the Bi Fold Shop. Not only can they bring the outdoors in and help brighten up a dreary room, but they insulate your property and reduce the chances of drafts and chills from your sun room.

The Ceiling

A homeowner’s weekly cleaning routine may well involve mopping or hovering floors and carpets, but it rarely expends to the ceiling. Clear your cobwebs, get rid of the dust and give your ceilings a lick of paint to freshen the space and lighten your room.


The Bathroom

Bathrooms are busy places – especially during the morning rush when everyone’s getting ready for work and school. However, bathrooms are one of the most neglected rooms in the home – replacing older tiles and swapping a bath for a freestanding shower unit should help bring the room up to today’s modern standards.

The Loft

Filling your loft with old teddy bears and vinyl collections may be an obvious way of using the space, but it’s not the most sensible. While a loft conversion could cost you upwards of £20,000, doing so could add up to £45,000 to the value of your property.

The Garage

Converting your garage can add up to 10% to the value of your property, so it makes sense if you’re short on space. Whether you use your new room as a second living area, a home gym or an extension of your kitchen, there are endless ways to boost its scope.

The Garden Shed

We’re not suggesting that you bin the lawn mower and add floral wallpaper to your garden shed, but this area of your home doesn’t have to be a ‘chuck it and forget it’ zone. Take the time to clear out your shed, binning or selling unwanted garden furniture and tools, and you’ll free up valuable space for barbeques, parasols and children’s toys.

The Entrance Hall

When it comes to interior design, first impressions count. Your entrance hall should be a warm, bright and welcoming space in your home. Social networking site Pinterest is awash with stunning entrance hall designs – bringing together the contemporary with the traditional. This church pew-style box is a great example, combining style with functionality – it can be used as a seat and a storage suit for shoes and coats.

Sprucing up those overlooked corners of your home – words Alexa Wang


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