How to prepare for your first go karting session

Want to try go karting? We’ve put together a few hints and tips to help you prepare for your first session and ensure you get the most of your time on the track.

go karting

Plan ahead

It might seem obvious, but to enjoy your first go karting session to the max, make sure you plan ahead. From travel plans to wearing the right clothes, it’s essential you prepare beforehand for your first session on the track.

Book ahead

Though it’s not essential for open sessions, we would always recommend booking your session beforehand. Meaning you’ll be sure to avoid disappointment.

Proof of payment

Remember to bring the card you paid with, along with your receipt and any vouchers you intend to use, with you on the day.

Driving tips

Learn a few driving tips before you begin. There is plenty advice out there for would-be go-kart drivers, so read up on some techniques to help you make the most of your first go Karting session.   From approaching bends on the track to driving smoothly, they’ll help you with strategies for approaching your first session. Read Karting Magazine for the inside track on the sport.


Know your track

When preparing for your first go karting session, it pays to know the track you’ll be driving on. At Brentwood Karting, we have an interactive map on our website that you can peruse, complete with driving tips, to help you make the most of your time on the track.


Ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing for your go karting session. Comfortable, appropriate clothing is a must.  Avoid loose clothing as this could get in your way or become trapped, ultimately inhibiting your movement.  That’s why no scarves or headscarves are allowed on the track – this is purely for your safety, health, and welfare.

Suitable clothing includes tracksuit bottoms or jeans, sweatshirts or t-shirts, along with trainers or flat soled shoes.  No high heeled shoes are allowed.  Also, remember to remove all your items of jewellery before you begin.

Don’t wear anything brand new or that you hold dear, as we can’t be held responsible for any damage that may occur. Remember, this is an action experience, and though we try to keep these to an absolute minimum, your clothing may be exposed to oil, fuel, lubricants, dust and dirt.


If you’ve got long hair, make sure you tie it back before your session so that it doesn’t get in your way or impede your vision.

Arrive in good time

To make the most of your time on the track, ensure you arrive in good time. This way you can complete your briefing session in good time and have as much time as possible on the track.

The right gear

When you choose a go-karting company such as visit Brentwood Karting, all you’ll need to pack is some sensible clothing and flat shoes – they’ll provide the rest of your gear, meaning that you can turn up at the track at a moment’s notice, without needing to kit out on all of the necessary racing gear before your session.

There you have it – everything you need to know about preparing for your first session. Whether you’re burning the tarmac with your friends or you’re headed to the track on your own, enjoy!



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