Hear Grizzly Bear New Album Track

Grizzly Bear are on the verge of releasing their new album after the much lauded 2009 album Veckatimest. The song featured here is ‘Sleeping Ute’ and is a great foretaste of things to come.


This track has a gentle power to it that washes over you then grabs you by the shoulders and pulls you in. Catchy in a subtle kind of way. This is no cheesy rock monster – it creeps up on you and whispers in your ear until you are caught in its spell. Flourishes of chiming acoustic set against jarring electric. The strange rumbling rhythms and off beat timing play with your mind and the lyrics register in fragments in an unsettling way – “I can’t help myself”. Have a listen for yourself and see if you agree:

Grizzly Bear are due to their new album which will be called ‘Shields’ on September 18th through Warp Records. It took almost a year to record and the band reckon it’s their most concise and challenging music to date. Grizzly Bear will also kick off an international tour September 16, including their biggest hometown show to date September 24 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC, as well as a show at London’s Brixton Academy.

For more details visit http://bit.ly/GB-OfficialSite


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