Le Quai des Brumes film – Win a Copy of this French Classic

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Another welcome re-release that is part of the Studiocanal Collection; Le Quai des Brumes film is an unsettling piece of drama from director Marcel Carné. Jean is a troubled man. He’s a deserter on the run and lands in the small port town of Le Havre looking for a way out of the country. He finds himself some civvy clothes and is lucky enough to gain a little cash and a dog. He’s shacked up in a shed at the end of the harbour planning his escape.



This is when he meets eccentric painter (Michel Simon) and the young, spirited and mysterious Nelly (Michele Morgan) who’s surrounded my men including the local hood, Lucien. Jean’s fierce passion and love for Nelly will lead him on a long and intense journey. He gives her the power of self-belief but what about his own future? A ship is bound for Venezuela – that ship is their means of escape but will either of them make it on board?

This new release of the restored film is part of the Studiocanal Collection, a series of groundbreaking classics that come as a package along with special features and accompanying booklets with enhanced picture and sound quality on Bluray and DVD. Extras for ‘Le Quai des Brumes’ include an introduction and a booklet on the movie by the film critic Ginette Vincendeau.

To win a copy of the film on DVD simply answer the question: What is the name of the gangster character in Le Quai des Brumes? Send answers to editorial@fluxmagazine.com

‘Le Quai des Brumes’ is released as part of the Studiocanal Collection on 10 September. www.studiocanal.co.uk


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