A Peephole into Harnett & Pope – East End fashionistas

Bending around the corner of 125 Brick Lane, the windows on Harnett &  Pope provide a little peephole into the minds and imagination of the  two London based designers and, of course, their latest collection inside.



Saved By The Bell style imagery on the walls with swooping shapes and colours adorn the walls. A strong feeling of juxtapose can be felt  throughout the pieces and the surroundings in which they sit so  comfortably.

The two designers possess their own different and unique  personal styles which have been beautifully merged to create some truly unique pieces. A small handful of examples include ornate carpet style  prints, heavy hardware leather harnesses with armoured style shoulder  pads and beetle prints on collars and cuffs of shirts.

Shifts feature a multitude of fabrics including soft and supple leather raglan sleeves against tweed with a flash of yellow lining turned up at the ends. Digital prints include a bundle of geometric lines and shapes, including stars, entwined with little alien creatures with robotic arms. Could this be the Harnett&Pope mascot? This particular prints proves a favourite of the girls as it features on waist pleated shorts and crops up again on the collar of a silk blouse.

You get a feel that the girls have really had fun with this collection and experimented with a lot of different production techniques, fabrics and styles. Yet, the garments are still very wearable and unique, heck you could wear the leather harness over their floor length chiffon over coat because this is Brick Lane after all.

For more on Harnett and Pope’s East End fashion see www.harnettandpope.com

by Charly Suggett



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