Top 5 models of high fashion wedding dresses 2021

words Alexa Wang

Even if you’re not planning a wedding this year, knowing the ultra-fashionable trends for the most festive outfits 2021 2022 is a must-have for any fashionista.

Wedding and evening gown designers every year come up with unimaginably beautiful outfits that seem to be not just clothes for an important event, but the artwork.

wedding dresses 2021

Mermaid Wedding Dresses 2021/2022

At Justin Alexander wedding dress model Cooper is represented from a dress with a single-layered mermaid skirt, closed neckline, and sleeveless sleeves. With a sleek hairstyle, such dresses look most aristocratic.

To summarize the trends, we should pay attention to the fact that in fashion mermaid dresses are made of lace, with short or long sleeves, but certainly with prominent cleavage. By the way, a plunging neckline is one of the key wedding fashion trends 2021/2022. 

Open Back Wedding Dresses

What could be more seductive than an open back combined with a modest dress?

Open-back dresses are in fashion:

  • straight “case”;
  • mermaid lace;
  • flared from the hip (like Carolina Herrera);
  • long-sleeved narrow ones;
  • classic bustiers.

When combined with a lace veil, the open back will look delicate and touching. The same effect is given by outfits with a transparent lace back. 

An open back combined with a long dress with a train is a classic that’s worth adopting. Visit Avery Austin, they are making gorgeous styles for every type of wedding, inclusive of sizing, stylish, and high quality

Multicolored Wedding Dresses

This season pastels and floral prints were very popular with designers. Pinkish, smoky dresses are a godsend in bridal collections, and flowers have become a real trend, along with cleavage and dropped shoulders.

Pastel dresses were shown by Jenny Packham, Ines Di Santo, Marchesa, Naeem Khan, and other designers. For the brave brides, there are dresses decorated with embroidery, prints, or patterns on a floral theme. Printed or pastel dresses can be any silhouette, with a matching veil and beige shoes.

Stylish wedding pantsuits and sets

Carolina Herrera showed an unusual trouser suit with cropped trousers with arrows, a shirt with a stand-up collar and a long, lace veil that came down to the face like a veil, flowing down to the bottom, revealing elegant white pumps, decorated with applications of flowers in tone.

Elie Saab showed 70s-inspired trouser suits with lace blouse and white, wide-leg trousers with an arrow. Feather accessories and massive, shiny jewelry were important additions to the outfit.

Rosa Clara’s elegant white trousers were complemented by a puffed blouse with a deep cleavage. High pumps and sleek hair completed the look.

To wear a suit to a wedding, you need to have an impeccable sense of style, because sometimes such outfits look even more luxurious than wedding dresses, and there is minimal risk of looking like a cake. In addition, the suits are suitable for brides of all ages, unlike the delicate dresses that symbolize naivety and innocence, and they are suitable only for young girls.

A new trend in today’s culture is to choose a wedding dress together with the designer fashion for the season. A beautiful bride is a key to a successful marriage and a long life together. The embodiment of refined taste is the correctly chosen model in terms of figure and color, suitable for the girl getting married. Also do not forget about the original presentation of the outfit, which will cause a storm of emotions in the beautiful guests and will give a lot of impressions to everyone present.

Princess Wedding Dresses

The world’s designers are often in touch with bohemian style. Delicate boho-chic is the trend of the season. Spring and summer weddings quite often take place outdoors in connection with these beautiful light models are used. Textured lace is used, both for the bride and for the dress code of the guests. The comfort of the items will be good for the guests and the lady will be able to pick a unique look for herself.

The presence of seasonal flowers or herbs in the bride’s hair is a beautiful decoration. The brightness and originality of the outfits at the wedding is an important criterion. The dimensional decor will come to the rescue here.

Such elements are used in its formation:

  • applique;
  • large embroidery;
  • rocks;
  • textured lace;
  • flowers;
  • bows.

A festive outfit that has been worked on by top stylists will make the functionality of the dress multifaceted. The comfort of the dress should not be forgotten here either. The dream outfit will give a lot of beautiful minutes and happy moments.

The variety of dresses beckons with their magnificence. A beautiful bride always arouses a lot of emotions and compliments. Wedding is an important event in the life of every woman, so it is better not to miscalculate with the choice of dress. The wonderful models of various wedding dresses will force each girl to think which length is better to choose and what to complement the outfit. A good wedding is a key to a happy life.


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