Get more tech features and more space in the new GMC Yukon

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Large three-row SUVs have always been a staple in the automotive market thanks to their massive exterior dimensions, bold exterior shape, and unbeatable interior space.

With their solid truck-based foundations, these SUVs are a perfect fit for customers who crave a capable automobile that can chauffeur their family around and also tow big trailers or boats whenever needed. The GMC Yukon is one such excellent three-row SUV from one of America’s largest automakers, made to entice large families who crave a three-row SUV with plenty of space and toy-towing muscle.

features new GMC Yukon

The Yukon has been completely redesigned for 2021, as it heads into a new generation with new hopes and aspirations. Massive changes are expected for the new generation Yukon, as the SUV introduces a whole new perspective for the large SUV landscape. The all-new Yukon represents the pinnacle of GMC engineering, with its meticulously crafted interiors, distinctive and macho exteriors, and a range of cutting-edge technologies.

GMC Marketing Director, Rich Latek said that their main goal with the 2021 Yukon was to elevate its premium status, capability, sophistication, and advanced technologies. To achieve this lofty ambition, the Yukon embarked on a journey of its own, with its distinctive exterior elements and unique features. 

This gives the Yukon a distinctive personality much like it’s Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban siblings, establishing a new profit base that will lay the foundation for GM’s all-electric future. Discover all the new tech features and enhanced space options that you will be getting in the all-new Yukon, as we will be covering all of them in this article.

Mouthwatering cutting-edge technologies

A good sign to determine the usefulness of any modern technology is to inspect how efficiently and effortlessly it can be used in daily life. Keeping this in mind, the Yukon offers all the modern technologies inside that are geared to assist you in your daily commute or road trip getaway. The infotainment suite is spearheaded by a class-leading 10.2-inch diagonal touch screen

The intuitive GMC Premium Infotainment System handles all the infotainment duties. Besides, the screen can also be synced with your smartphone through wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Customers can achieve this smartphone integration wirelessly, without the need for a USB cord.

A 15-inch diagonal multicolor heads-up display is also available as optional equipment, projecting all the key vehicle information like embedded navigation, music, speed, and more on the comfort of your windshield. This way the driver can keep his eyes on the road without having to take a peek at the infotainment screen. 

The party isn’t restricted to the front passengers only, as even the rear passengers get their share of entertainment through an advanced rear-seat media system. This system includes two high-resolution 12.6-inch LCD touchscreens attached to the back of both the front seat headrests. Both these screens work independently and also grant the rear passengers the ability to submit navigation requests.

Innovative driver-assistance technologies

GM’s new digital platform totally transforms the way the Yukon’s electrical system transmits data. The new digital architecture now has 5 times more processing power than the previous one. This enables the Yukon to provide an array of class-leading safety technologies. For example, this full-size GMC SUV enables class-leading 9 different camera views that assist you while parking or towing a camper or boat.

With the new GMC Pro Safety Plus Package, the Yukon gets access to active safety features like Lane change alert with side blind zone alert, rear cross-traffic alert, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, and safety alert seat. Even with or without this package, the Yukon is an incredibly safe haven thanks to its standard driver assistance technologies like forward collision alert, front pedestrian braking, IntelliBeam headlamps, and following distance indicator. 

You can bolster the safety quotient even further by adding enhanced automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control to the equipment list.

Plush and spacious interiors

The Yukon received a new interior treatment, with more high-class materials all around the cabin and ultimately more space for the passengers. The Yukon’s maximum cargo space has now increased by almost 30 percent compared to the previous generation. The redesign has a major impact on the Yukon’s 3rd-row of seats, with the most noticeable change being the increased cargo volume behind the seats and the available legroom. The new architectural changes give the Yukon almost a 40 percent improvement in the 3rd-row legroom and 67 percent more space behind the 3rd-row seats.

Speaking of the interior quality, the top-of-the-range Denali trim gets the best embellishments. The chrome accents on the buttons and controls and a unique dashboard design with chrome accents highlight the extravagance of the cabin. The first and second-row seats are draped in top-quality perforated leather. For a more personalized cabin design, GMC offers you 4 distinct color tones for your interiors, which also includes authentic wood accents.

Every Yukon model also gets the all-new power sliding center console as an option. With just the push of a button, the console automatically slides backward by almost 10 inches. This console storage offers plenty of versatile storage options, including back cupholders and rear console controls that can be accessed by rear passengers. The optional 2nd-row manual sliding bucket seats are also a blessing in disguise, as these seats can slide forward or backward to grant more freedom of access to the 3rd-row seats.

GMC Yukon features

Unforgettable ride quality

The new Air Ride Adaptive Suspension is a one-of-a-kind feature in the full-size SUV segment. 

This feature automatically varies the stiffness of the suspension according to the terrain, thus maintaining a comfortable ride quality even on the bumpiest of roads. 

This suspension setup also grants you the ability to lower or raise the Yukon’s ground clearance by 2 inches. For instance, the Yukon can be programmed to automatically lower the ride height before passengers enter the cabin. 

The SUV will then resort to its normal ride height once you get your car running above 5 MPH. The Denali trim level gets its own exclusive Magnetic Ride Control, which adjusts the suspension and damper settings in real-time. This grants the Yukon an incredibly smooth and awe-inspiring ride quality.

Trim pyramid of the new generation Yukon

The legendary GMC Yukon follows the same old GMC nomenclature – which includes the SLE, SLT and the flagship Denali trims. Albeit, this year GMC announced that the Yukon will also be introducing an off-road-focused AT4 trim level for the first time in its history. The AT4 trim level is a great addition to the Yukon family, with its stellar off-roading equipment and unique AT4 styling.

The redesigned Yukon lives up to all the latest hype, as we eagerly await to get our hands on one. With all the multitude of delectable changes onboard, the GMC Yukon is certainly one of the most attractive three-row SUVs on the market right now.


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