How call tracking can elevate your small business

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call tracking

It’s essential to explore the most effective ways to elevate your small business, and implement the right tools to produce optimal return on investment (ROI).

One of the best methods to achieve this, is to incorporate expert call tracking software into your business, such as superior software and leading call tracking from Mediahawk, for example.

With its unique features and extensive data, there are a variety of different ways call tracking can enhance your small business.

Read on to learn more.

Generate new leads and conversions

Call tracking is perfect for increasing your business’ lead generation and conversion rates.

The customer journey is vital in this instance, and with call tracking you can create a detailed map of each journey using various reports, such as the source flow report. You can analyse the data on every touchpoint visited by each customer before a phone call, whilst the call is active, and following the call.

With this information, you’ll have a vivid picture of how your marketing strategies are performing, including which touchpoints are creating the most customer engagement and conversions.

In response, you can either alter your existing strategies or create new ones based on the information collected.

One example might be if you find that customers are engaging most with emails before making a call. By developing your email marketing, you’ll drive more customers down the marketing funnel, and thus create more leads.

Consistently meet customer needs

Call tracking is great for helping you both identify and meet evolving customer needs.

It provides various detailed reports, which are great for highlighting these needs. When you view the main areas of engagement with customers, you can see what’s attracting them to conversions. For instance, leads generated from marketing strategies displaying your staff’s qualifications, will show that highly qualified staff is a prime need of your customers.

Call tracking also offers speech analytics to analyse every customer phone call. This includes the recording and transcribing of each conversation, as well as the identification of any vital keywords mentioned in the call.

This tool will allow you to see the main purpose of every customer call as well as any important queries or concerns they may have.

With both these excellent call tracking features revealing the customer needs, you’ll be able to adapt your business and market campaigns accordingly.

Enhance your brand image

Brand image is crucial for every business, regardless of size or scale.

When your brand has a good reputation for customer satisfaction, you’ll not only increase loyalty of existing customers, but also generate new leads and conversions.

One key way of achieving this is through customer calls. Call tracking, as mentioned above, will allow you to analyse every phone call, which includes identifying the main purpose of the calls, reviewing the level of customer engagement, and seeing the success of each call’s resolution.

Once you have this information, you can refine your communication based on the data. For instance, you could find that customers are often leaving phone calls uncertain or confused about your services.

This is where you’ll perfect the quality of your communication – whether through revised scripts or customer service training, for example – to provide a better experience for customers over the phone.

This will have every customer leaving calls satisfied, which will not only have them likely convert to a sale, but become a loyal customer that repeatedly returns for your business’ superior communication.

They may also spread the reputation of your business’ professionalism to other potential customers in the industry. With your brand image forming into a symbol of expert, high-quality service, your sales generation will soar.

It’s unquestionable how call tracking is the perfect tool you need to elevate your small business, and brings a whole range of benefits to every aspect of your company.


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