How To Create Your Own Vegetable Garden

How To Create Your Own Vegetable Garden – words Alexa Wang

With the soaring price of fruit and veg and the constant debate on how much food we waste as a nation, growing your very own vegetable garden is becoming increasingly popular.

Growing your own food in the comfort of your own back garden will not only help you control how much fruit and veg you use, but it will also help to give you peace of mind on what chemicals have been used on them. You can decide to make your veg completely organic and use either no pesticides what-so-ever, or use all natural repellents.

The below infographic has been provided by Ecoscape Composite Decking, who have put together a few handy, easy to do tips for those looking to take their first steps into vegetable gardening. Even if you’ve never picked up a pair of secateurs before, or you’ve only ever repotted a few daisies, growing your own vegetable garden is actually easier than you may think.




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