Maximize Your Property Offering With A New Kitchen Design

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New Kitchen Design

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When you want to rent a property, you want to do it at as high a price as possible, since the ultimate goal is to realize a greater cash flow.

Ahead of renting out a property you own, the first thing to ensure is that the property is kept in good condition which will instantly be recognized by potential tenants. Certain improvements might be required, and if you ask experienced landlords, most will say that the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that stands out and increases its value.

In this article, we share ideas on how to maximize your property offering with a new kitchen design.

Find The Right Inspiration

Pick out photos, drawings, dimensional sketches and think of opportunities for change and improvement. Read interior design magazines, browse interiors online, visit kitchen exhibitions, look through catalogs, talk to friends who have redesigned their kitchen, and see what makes them extra happy or dissatisfied.

The right inspiration will bring depth and a bright new kitchen will make sure to create a beautiful corner in your house.

What’s Your Budget?

A kitchen interior can look many different ways and so can the cost of the renovation. When planning a functional new kitchen project, it’s important to touch on the topic of future expenses at an early stage. Setting a budget for your kitchen renovation makes it easier to keep track of the money and it reduces the risk of unexpected costs.

Carefully review your financial limits. A kitchen remodeling can mean that walls are moved, that the floor is replaced, or that new electricity is drawn. Then you have more costs to take into account.

Think About the Style

bold Kitchen Design

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During the planning phase, it’s essential to think about what kind of style you want in your kitchen but also what style your potential tenants would prefer. Would it perhaps be a country kitchen with beautiful wooden worktops or is it leaning towards a turn-of-the-century kitchen with marble and high wall cabinets? Or would a more modern alternative be appealing?

The function of the kitchen must also be taken into consideration. If you intend to make your property available for commercial use, the kitchen must then obtain the right aesthetic, layout, culinary style, and themes and be professionally equipped with things like commercial kitchen mats which are intended to provide maximum protection and comfort. 

No matter what your preferences and needs are, a kitchen renovation tip is to avoid the most spectacular trends. Yellow kitchen doors may feel trendy and exciting right now, but probably not in a year. Choose as neutral a base as possible and work instead with chic details. Furniture, lamps, and carpets are easier to replace than an entire kitchen.

The Golden Triangle

Kitchen Design trends

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For work to flow as smoothly as possible in the new kitchen, it is good to start from the kitchen’s golden triangle – the relationship between the sink, fridge, and stove. This will make sure that your tenants have everything organized perfectly and conveniently.

If you have space for a kitchen island, it’s a good investment in many ways. A kitchen island maximizes the social conditions in the kitchen and will give tenants both extra workspace and storage. If, on the other hand, it’s misplaced, it can become a problem when it comes to the workflow in the kitchen. A good idea is to have a stove and sink installed on the kitchen island, to make it a functionally integrated part of the kitchen.

A kitchen fan fulfills an important function but also forms a large part of the kitchen’s style. Some people like large cooker hoods and others want a fan that folds in under wall cabinets or that goes down into the worktop.

Storage and Lighting

Think carefully about what a person would like and need to store in the kitchen and whether there are things someone would not want to be seen. Make sure you make everything as accessible as possible.

Avoid deep cabinets that swallow items so efficiently that you lose control of them. Storing in drawers instead of tall cabinets provides an airy and practical kitchen. You’d be surprised to see how much more can be stored in drawers and it’s much easier to reach than in a tall cabinet with fixed shelves.

Light affects our well-being, often without us even noticing it. Just think how much better you feel when the sun is shining or when the fire is lit on a cold winter evening. The light in your home also has an impact on your well-being and all rooms need pleasant lighting. A tip when you’re changing the design of your kitchen is to put energy into the lighting to create a pleasant and functional environment.

Think about where your tenants could need work lights, if they want cozy lighting or if you prefer recessed spotlights in the ceiling that they can easily dim and adjust the light with a dimmer. These options will make your tenants feel pleased and taken care of. It’s also a good idea to plan at an early stage where you want the kitchen table so that you can properly place ceiling sockets for the table lamp.

Final Thoughts

Prospective tenants will not be able to resist a good property offering if there’s a professionally remodeled kitchen that gives the entire home a bright look and fresh feel. Updating the kitchen has time and time again been proven to be the best investment when your top priority is maximizing your property offering.

By planning the right kitchen design for your property offering and investing in a well-made and fitted one, chances of convincing tenants to decide on the spot are high.  


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