3 Ways to Take Control of Your Love Life in 2021

words Alexa Wang

Love Life 2021

Along with a brand new year comes hope for better things in all aspects of life, including setting your sights on love. Whether you want to spice up the romance with your long-time partner or are ready for a new love in your life, you might need some ideas and strategies to put everything in place for peak romance.

Additionally, if you’ve felt overwhelmed, stressed or burned out over the past year or the past few years in the love life department, know that you’re ultimately in charge and can go about making positive changes. Here are three ways to take control of your love life in 2021. 

1. Get Plenty of Exercise

When embarking on a love life improvement project, focus on staying positive — and healthy. Case in point: Know that regular exercise is a natural, feel-good drug that allows you to maintain a good attitude with all the positive chemicals released into your bloodstream. While a positive attitude will help keep your mood up while you’re combing Tinder or the dating app of your choice, exercise does so much more, including the following:

  • Helps with weight loss and maintenance: If you find yourself fighting some stubborn pounds or want to tone up, know that exercise is your friend. Maximize fat loss and muscle tone efforts with a program that includes cardiovascular exercise, like brisk walking and strength training.
  • Boosts energy levels: Any romance ramp-up requires energy, so you’ll want to find natural ways to get that kick you need in order to show your partner (or future partner) that you’re passionate about adding some excitement to your love life. 
  • Improves your skin’s natural glow: Nothing says you’re ready for love like healthy, glowing skin — and regular, moderate exercise can help. 

You might also want to ask your partner to join you at the gym, which will allow you both to embark on a new fitness regimen together. Or, if you’re single, you might meet your new love while on the treadmill or the leg press machine. 

2. Ditch the Tech and Communicate in Real-Time

You don’t have to give up texting to let your partner know you’re running late on the way home from work. But, when it comes to romantic communication, it’s time to go old-school and get personal. Here are a few ideas to share personal communication: 

  • Write your partner love letters or notes: To kick start things, buy some special stationery and write your special someone a love note. Then, place it on his or her nightstand or tape it to the bathroom mirror, so they see it first thing in the morning. For a new or budding romance, you might consider writing a love letter and sending it to their office.
  • Create a scrapbook of your time together: Buy a nice scrapbook, print out your smartphone-snapped photos together, and start documenting your love to share with your special someone.

3. Invest in Some Confidence-Building Lingerie 

Get down to the basics, or something more appealing and enticing than basics, and buy sexy some lingerie, including garters, stockings and rompers, as a way to take back control of your love life this year. From lacy and silky to something more satiny or meshed, the right bedtime wear is out there for you. And, whether you want to spice up your existing romance or build confidence heading into a new relationship, know that lingerie is a great place to start.

Get Ready to Take Control of a Blissfully, Out-of-Control Romance in 2021

By heeding these tips, you’ll find yourself well on your way to taking back control of your love life in 2021 and far beyond. Staying fit and happy, finding ways to communicate more intimately, and building your intimate attire wardrobe are a few of the many ways you can create a new spark or rekindle an existing one you truly treasure.


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