Working from home: Why not try a garden office?

words Al Woods

In an ideal world, we’d all like to spend at least some time working from home. Doing so eliminates travel costs, allows us inherently flexible hours, and gives us the chance to pop downstairs for a cup of tea whenever the fancy takes us.

But there are certainly downsides to working from home, not least of which is the constant distraction you might suffer when you’re working in a space that wasn’t explicitly designed for work. The kitchen table is hardly ideal, nor is the lounge. And if you convert an existing space into a permanent office, then you’ll lose a small piece of your house (typically a bedroom).

Fortunately, there’s a solution: build a purpose-built office in your garden. As we’ll see, there are myriad benefits to doing so.

Better Light

The natural light you’ll get in a purpose-built garden office will, over the course of an eight-hour day, make a significant difference to your state of mind, particularly if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder during winter. In fact, the sights and smells of the garden are sure to provide far more peace and tranquillity than your home’s interior.

Fewer Distractions

If you’re sharing a house with noisy children and pets, then finding a few minute’s peace to fire off an email can be a challenge. Finding the solid, uninterrupted hours you need to get into a state of flow is nigh-on impossible! A dedicated outdoor office will provide a little bit of insulation against such distractions, and allow you to concentrate.

More Space in the Home

When you move your workspace outside the home, you’ll free up your interior for other things. If you’re planning on bringing another child into the family, or you’d like a dedicated library somewhere up the stairs, then this is a fantastic way to do it.

Adds Value

Like any home extension, garden offices can increase the value of your property. And the more substantially-constructed the building, the higher this increase will be. It’s also worth factoring in the money you’ll be saving. If you’re currently renting premises elsewhere to do your work, then a garden-office will pay for itself in the long-term.

Designed to your Specifications

With a garden-office being an entirely new building, you’ll be able to build it from the ground up to your requirements. Moreover, you’ll be able to use the latest insulating materials, triple-glazing, and modern plumbing and electricity, and pencil-pleat curtains. You’ll thereby ensure that the running costs are as low as possible. We all react a little differently to our working environments, and if you know the sort of workspace that’ll get the best from you, you can design yours to do exactly that!


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