How to take care of your eyesight in four simple steps

How to take care of your eyesight in four simple steps – words Al Woods

There are a lot of health conscious individuals around. Modern inventions like the internet mean that there’s really no excuse not to educate ourselves on staying in shape, and plenty of people take advantage of the tools at their disposal to learn more about making beneficial lifestyle choices.

Yet there’s one area of our health that we frequently neglect. We might do our utmost to exercise regularly and eat well, but lots of us forget to keep an eye (pun intended) on our ocular well-being. This is something we should all seek to change, which is what inspired us to write this article…

Get your eyes checked at least biannually 

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In any discussion of ocular health, it’s important to inform individuals that their eyes should be checked at least biannually. Most opticians will carry out these checks for free or a minimal fee, so there’s really no reason not to take advantage. The benefits of regular exams include not only the ability to check for signs of diseases such as diabetic retinopathy (which has no early warning symptoms) but also the chance to make sure your daily or monthly lenses and any other prescription eyewear are up to date.

Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays 

Prevention is always better than cure and, when it comes to your eye health, one of the easiest ways to safeguard your vision is by wearing sunglasses when you’re outdoors. Although this is most important when the sun is bright, you should follow this advice in any scenario where you’re likely to be looking directly into its glare. You’ll specifically want to choose sunglasses that promise 100 percent UV protection, as these will significantly reduce your risk of cataracts, pinguecula, and numerous other eye problems from developing later in life.

Identify whether you’re at an increased risk of eye problems

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Although we’re lucky enough to live in a society where most sight problems can be rectified with a pair of cheap contact lenses and glasses that cost next to nothing, there are some issues that can’t be so easily fixed and, if you’re at risk of developing them, it pays to be aware of this. That’s why it’s important to delve into your family’s health history and to find out whether any of your relatives suffer or suffered from diabetes or high blood pressure, as these can both lead to ocular problems should you develop them too. People aged over 65 and those of African descent may also be at an increased risk, so more frequent sight tests are recommended for any who fit these criteria.

Look for warning signs 

With the many brands of popular contact lenses and trendy glasses on the market, eyesight deterioration is not half as scary or daunting as you might imagine, so don’t be afraid to visit an optician if you do notice changes in your vision. These might include double vision, haziness, difficulty seeing in low light conditions, red eyes, flashes of light, floaters, eye pain, or swelling. The important thing if you’re experiencing any of them is to book an appointment with a professional so you can find the cause of the problem and make sure that it’s properly treated.

Follow our four top tips today to take care of your eyesight – how to keep your eyes healthy and strong – so the world and all of its wonders are looking as beautiful as ever.

eye careHow to take care of your eyesight in four simple steps – words Al Woods


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