How To Wear Pink As A Man

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Wear Pink man

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Pink is often seen as a feminine colour, and many men steer clear of it for this reason. However, this never used to be the case. In fact, pink used to be regarded as a masculine colour (at one point it was more common to dress baby boys in pink and girls in blue!). 

During the 1950s, there was a shift, which saw pink becoming more girly. However, many men have continued to wear pink since. Nowadays, more men are rebelling against gender norms and pink has become increasingly popular. It’s a loud colour that can make any outfit pop and even boost attractiveness

So just how do you pull off pink as a man? As with any colour, there are rules to wearing this colour that will stop it clashing with other items. Below are a few different items of men’s clothing that look great in pink.

Button shorts

A pink button shirt works great with a navy blue or black suit in a formal setting. It can also be worn in a more informal setting by loosening the top button, rolling the sleeves up and wearing it with jeans. It’s important to wear a shirt that contrasts your skin tone. Those with darker skin can typically get away with wearing a greater range of pink tones. Those with lighter skin may want to stick to deeper shades of pink and avoid pastel pinks.


A pink tie can spice up a formal business outfit and give it a fun twist. It can look great paired with a white or black shirt. A pink tie can also go well with a navy blue waistcoat and is a popular wedding combo. 


For more casual occasions, you could also consider a pink t-shirt. A pink tee can work well with jeans. It can also look great with a denim jacket. As with button shirts, try to choose a tone that compliments your skin. 


Pink men’s hoodies are a very popular streetwear item. They’re very much a statement item for when you want to get noticed. Wear these with neutral coloured trousers such as white tracksuit bottoms or black jeans. Most people choose a deeper pink, but lighter pink tones can also work. 


No, pink sneakers are not just for girls. In fact, they can make the perfect accessory to wear with a pink t-shirt or pink hoodie when you want to get extra loud. Alternatively, they can look great with an all black outfit. It takes a bit more confidence to wear pink sneakers than some of the other items on this list. If you’ve ever worn pink clothes before, you may want to build your way up to this.


Pink baseball caps are another very popular streetwear item. When worn with a neutral outfit, they can make a great statement accessory. Pink bucket hats and pink winter hats are also an option. Choose a deeper pink if you have lighter skin and a paler pink if you have darker skin. 


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