The Importance of Vibrant and Youthful Skin

words Alexa Wang

Youthful Skin

As we get older, certain biological processes happen. The most pronounced and prominent of them, is the wrinkles in our skin. Wrinkles happen because the elastic components of the epidermis start to break down. These main proteins, elastin, and collagen are essential to the tautness, and plump look of skin in general.

They are what keeps the epidermal layer, anchored, and bouncy to the underlying dermis. The end effect, wrinkles. In today’s society, there’s no getting around a simple fact: vibrant and youthful-looking skin is important. This isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. The way your skin looks impacts so many aspects of communication, self-esteem, and major determinants of health. Here is why.

Overall Health

The skin is often seen as a mirror of our overall health. When we do things like smoke cigarettes, excessively drink alcohol, or eat unsavory foods with a lot of processed ingredients, it is eventually reflected in our skin. What we want, our earth-grown means to rejuvenate our innate skin qualities. In agreement with Viviane Woodard Skincare – Natural Cosmetics, the only way to go is natural; the more synthetic chemicals we introduced to our skin, the more likely it’ll get into our bodies and interact with processes through our bloodstream. We know the compounds in cheap shampoos, for example, have been shown to negatively interact with the human endocrine system. In short, it throws off our hormones. This is why natural ingredients and proven methods are more preferable. Thus, it’s crucial to use high quality products, and for that very reason, we suggest the brand Timeless Skin Care, which is an American brand. Its products are cruelty-free and are bestsellers in the skincare field.

Project Confidence 

Whether we like it or not, people judge based on looks. Yes, once we get to know somebody, the content of character becomes the ultimate measure of whether or not you want to spend time around another person. With that said, having useful and vibrant skin tends to give a more positive impression. It communicates to somebody else that you have pride in your skin and your overall health. It projects confidence and awareness. Some can say it’s genetics, but on a long enough timeline, self-care is undeniable. That attention to detail, and investment in health, tell others that you have what it takes to take on what most fail at. Much like a healthy body, healthy skin projects confidence, and ability.

Inspire Others

Self-care is also contagious. The second somebody sees how beautiful your skin is, they’re going to wanna know your secret. Others believe that there’s some secret formula in some laboratory across the world that has the secrets to beautiful skin. The reality is, natural, organic, local ingredients are more than enough to import that vibrance. Inspiring people to invest in themselves is the first step to getting them on an overall healthy lifestyle. Honestly, health looks better than a lifestyle of excess and toxins.

The importance of skin cannot be emphasized enough. It is the largest organ in the human body and our protection against the elements. When we think about it, bacteria, viruses, and everything else out there has to get past the entire surface area of our skin. We should care for it the same way we care for all of our other internal systems, if not more. In turn, we will be rewarded with beautiful, vibrant skin.


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