8 Things That Will Increase Your Chances Of Obtaining Residency In Europe

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There are many reasons you might want to relocate to a European country, not least of which is the wide range of countries to choose from and do business in. However, the process can seem pretty opaque to those without knowledge of the visa system.

This post aims to make the situation more transparent and provide you with some things that should increase your odds of successfully moving to the great continent.

 Residency In Europe

Why Europe?

Europe is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse continents on the planet. With a diverse landscape, a rich culture, and a rich history, it has produced some of history’s most influential figures. Throughout history, people from all over the world have moved to Europe for various reasons. This migration is influenced by factors such as the economy, environment, and politics. Apart from some historical blips, it is a relatively safe and stable region with enormous upsides for those who wish to make a life here. 

Moreover, the EU is a great place to set up residency as it will provide you with the same benefits that all EU members receive. This includes visa-free travel, access to world-class healthcare, and the freedom of religion, expression, and thought. You can choose from any number of countries that make up the continent, but if you want to take advantage of the EU in particular, you must understand that the EU does not encompass all of Europe.

Remember That The EU Is Not Europe

People tend to conflate the continent with the European Union when speaking about Europe. The former being any country within the boundaries of the continent, and the latter being a supranational bloc of 27 nations. Therefore, if you are thinking about moving and applying for residency, you should do your homework and determine which countries will meet your needs. For example, you might want to move to the UK for language or family reasons. However, this will preclude you from the advantages that the EU provides. This could be true for other nations that are part of but separate from the EU, like Norway and Switzerland.

Tips For Inc16reasing Your Chances Of Obtaining European Residency

Since you now understand why you may wish to move and become a resident, as well as the differences between the EU and Europe, you may still be wondering how to increase your chances when you apply.

Residency In Europe

Choose Your Country Wisely

Even though this topic was briefly mentioned earlier, you should think hard about which country you would like to live in. There are many factors at play, and choosing the wrong country could severely impact your residency chances. In most cases, you will be expected to remain in the country for a set amount of time. If you hate your adopted nation, you will have a bad time because you will be less inclined to learn the language and find it challenging to develop friendships.

Look At Gaining A Golden Visa

A golden visa is a type of visa or permit that allows an individual to reside in a country for some time. These visas are typically granted to people who invest in the country’s economy. Many countries throughout the continent offer golden visas, and the requirements vary from country to country. Usually, it is necessary for the person applying to invest in the host country and provide proof that they have enough funds available. The Portugal Golden Visa Program is generally regarded as the gold standard (pun not intended) for various reasons. First of all, you get to set up shop in Portugal, which is beneficial enough for most people. The culture, climate, and landscape make it a fantastic place to live. However, it is also regarded as relatively straightforward to apply in comparison to other countries’ golden visa programs.

Get Married

One way to make it more likely to obtain residency is to marry a local. However, this comes with a few massive caveats. The first point is that your marriage must be real. You will be questioned about your motives and have personal questions asked about your relationship. Most immigration officials can see through a scam marriage. If you are found to be fraudulently marrying, you are committing an offense and will scupper your chances elsewhere in the continent. Secondly, if you already have a local spouse, you will still need to complete all required paperwork. Marriage increases the chances of success, but you still have to put in the work (and you can still be rejected).

European visa

Become A Student

Most countries like to have international students, and most will do what they can to retain their talents in the country. Therefore, it could increase your chances if you can prove you were a student or apply for a student visa before moving permanently. It is typically an expensive and lengthy process, so you need to consider your situation carefully.

Get A Highly-Skilled Job

This option is not as helpful as in other continents as there is no dearth of talent in most European countries. Nevertheless, if you possess a particular skill that a government wants, they might bend over backward to attract you.

Establish Your Integrity As A Citizen

It will benefit your application if you demonstrate that you are an upstanding citizen in your adopted country. This can be as simple as staying out of trouble and paying taxes on time to finding local charity work. Staying on the straight and narrow will make people regard you more favorably, also making it easier to become a part of the local community.

Invest In Your Country Of Choice

If the country you want to live in doesn’t offer a golden visa, you can still obtain residency by investing capital. Many countries will expect a minimum amount that varies with each country and the possibility you will set up employment opportunities for the community.

Speak The Language

Learning the language is not simply practical but could be required in some cases. Some countries will ask you to prove that you have a basic level of fluency to progress through the application. In addition to helping you with your residency application, it will make your life much easier to meet friends and live an everyday life.

Moving to another country can seem like a challenge, and with a continent as massive and varied as Europe, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Hopefully, by following some of the points in this post, you will have a higher chance of success when applying for permanent residency.


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