Influencer Holidays – How to Live the Good Life on a Trip Abroad

words Alexa Wang

Influencers have become a major force in social media, as the details of their day-to-day lives inspire millions in not only what they wear, but also what they do. Being an influencer is hard work but also hard play – with holidays and retreats forming the basis for incredible content across platforms. If you’re a budding influencer, or just someone who wants a taste of that glamourous high life, here’s how to plan the perfect influencer holiday for you and your friends.

Influencer trip


First and foremost, you need to decide where you’d like to go! There are hundreds of amazing and beautiful places for you to visit, that run the gamut of life in the lap of luxury – from shining seas to bustling cities and even untouched areas of wild, natural beauty. What kind of holiday do you desire?

If you fancy a city break, you could consider a European city rife with cultural delights and nightlife alike – think Milan, or even Santorini. If you’re looking for an idyllic tropical island getaway, you could seek out the Bahamas, or a private island-like Moskito Island in the British Virgin Islands. Wherever you choose, just remember that it needs to be incredibly photogenic!


The next piece of the puzzle when it comes to planning your glamourous influencer holiday is transport. How will you get to your delicious holiday location? Commercial travel is out – the long waits for air travel and the possibility of delay are decidedly unglamourous, to say nothing of the cramped seats you’d be stuffed in for hours upon hours.

If you’re keen on traveling by air, there’s only one real option: a private jet. Jet hire companies like Vista Global allow you to enjoy the freedom and exclusivity of jet travel without the prohibitive costs. Drink champagne and party while you travel – and get some good pictures while you’re at it!

For a slower approach to your dream destination, though, you could travel by boat. An exclusive cruise or yacht experience means you can enjoy the glamour of luxury life at sea, as well as some unique content opportunities en-route.

Influencer Holidays


A luxury influencer holiday is only as good as the activities you get up to when you arrive. There are only so many Insta posts you can make of your view before losing the interest of your followers! When planning your trip, you should line up as many unforgettable experiences as you can, from tours of the local area to parties and VIP nightlife experiences that are sure to boost your following.


Content has been mentioned a few times so far, but it bears repeating: your influencer content campaign should be one of your major priorities even as you’re living it up in your holiday retreat. By keeping to a content schedule, you can ensure maximum engagement – and by capturing the right moments, you can cultivate profiles to be truly proud of. Whether its slice-of-life TikToks or swimming pool challenges with friends, don’t forget to have fun while you’re creating!


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