5 Modern Interior Design Styles You Just Have To Try

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Interior Design Styles

If you’re looking for something new to freshen up your home, I’ve got a few awesome ideas that you’ll surely love. From French to Scandinavian style, there are numerous options to explore. Keep in mind that some of these are temporary fads that won’t last for long, while others will remain relevant for years to come.

No matter what, each one of these interior designs will make your home look ravishing. Without further ado, here are 5 modern interior design styles you just have to try.

1.    Hamptons interior design

When we talk about luxury, we usually think of Hamptons. This part of the US is renowned for its amazing summer parties, and most of the homes in Hamptons have an exquisite modern interior.

This particular style focuses on fresh and natural colors and patterns. As the name implies, it is inspired by all these holiday properties that focus on light colors and, in particular, white and light blue. The architects put emphasis on window positioning, proper ventilation that would make homes equally cool in all areas, as well as naval details (ropes, wooden floors, and such).

When visiting Hampton homes, you will rarely notice dark and intense colors; people visiting these properties just want to relax and put their minds at ease.

2.    Steampunk design

Industrial or steampunk design is completely opposite of the Hamptons style. Instead of utilizing various natural components, this particular design focuses on metallic surfaces, lots of pipes, bronze, iron, and unpolished areas. It isn’t uncommon for owners to leave their walls completely naked, exposing the brick structure.

Speaking of colors, steampunk utilizes dark red, bronze, silver, and brown, but not necessarily black. As you can presume, the main focus is to have half-done areas. However, to pull it off the right way, it cannot look sloppy. Everything needs to be intentional and with lots of style.

The great thing about industrial design is that you can use old furniture. It can be done relatively cheap compared to other interiors, but you need enormous architectural knowledge to do it the right way. Otherwise, people might feel as if they’re in a dilapidated house, which is the last thing you need.

Interior Design Styles

3.    Scandinavian style

Scandinavia is a cold, cold region. Their homes are mostly made from wood and are meant to resist the disastrous winter weather. However, when you go inside, you will notice that these houses are quite cozy.

Scandinavian interiors are like the things you see in romantic movies: a bear skin on the wooden floor and a large fireplace in the center of the room. All jokes aside, this kind of interior design utilizes a lot of wooden but cheap elements. The focus is on durability and sustainability, as well as materials that would keep the interior warm at all times.

As you can presume, the Scandinavian style is ideal for colder climates. They can work for houses of all sizes, but they are much more common for smaller homes. An important element of the Scandinavian homes is a dinner table in the center of the living room. Having a family meal is still very important in these countries, and the interior design is meant to facilitate this need.

4.    French interior design

When we’re talking about sexy and romantic, we cannot forget French country homes. Similar to old Italian homes, these properties are meant to evoke romantic feelings and nostalgia. They are filled with rustic elements meant to show the passing of time. For the French, tradition is everything, so it doesn’t matter if things are not perfect.

These types of homes utilize whitewashed and raw wood, soft colors and surfaces, and powdery hues. Despite numerous simplistic elements, you can also introduce certain fancy details, such as complex embroidery and gilded furniture. Although these might feel a bit off for a rustic country home, the combination can be quite potent.

5.    1950s design

Nowadays, more and more architects are experimenting with the old designs from the 1950s and 1960s. As they say, trends are cyclical, and things that were popular once are bound to return sooner than later.

Unlike some other styles on the list, 1950s interiors were focused on functional solutions. The furniture and home appliances were much more durable, and were meant to last for decades. These elements were very resilient but plain. You should avoid kitsch with this kind of interior.

The hardest thing with these interiors is finding the right type of furniture. So, if you’re looking for rare pieces, you should click here to shop at Bouclair’s online store, an online shop that has numerous products for your new interior design.


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