Jazzing Up Denver: Jazz Holmes’ Artwork Aims To Impart an Unforgettable Experience

words Alexa Wang

Denver is a city where art is woven into the fabric of everyday life and where creativity is celebrated as a fundamental human trait. From its lively music scene to the colorful street art, the city is packed with artistic influence from all over the world. Now, thanks to local, talented artist Jazz Holmes, Denver has yet another source of creative energy – her captivating artwork.

Originally from the Southwest, Jazz is a Denver-based artist and illustrator with a knack for creating eye-catching and inspiring art. Combining elements of fauvism and surrealism, her trademark paintings feature surrealist figures in vivid technicolor settings. She is highly regarded for her artistic abilities, but few are aware that she was born with them. 

Jazz Holmes art

One Who Is Destined to Be Creative

From a young age, Jazz was able to channel her inner thoughts and feelings through her drawings. Her creative genes were passed down from her father and mother, who both had creative backgrounds. Her mother was a talented programmer with an artistic background, and her father had been a professional illustrator before joining the military. Jazz’s artistic endeavors have always received the full support of her parents, who encouraged her to discover and express her creative side. 

Adding Color To Denver

Jazz followed her artistic muse all the way to a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of West Florida and then to Colorado State University in Denver, where she received her MFA in drawing concentration. Recently, she started her residency at Redline Contemporary Art, creating art that speaks to the people of Denver and beyond. In addition to that, she is also working for the iconic Dazzle Jazz Club to create a large mural piece for their brand-new location in the Denver Center for Performing Arts. The city is just the beginning for Jazz, as she envisions attracting an international audience with her artwork. 

A Cornucopia of Art

Jazz’s use of vibrant colors, textures, and patterns creates a visual feast for viewers that is both captivating and thought-provoking. Her artwork speaks about Black American culture’s multidimensionality in ways that are often overlooked or ignored by mainstream society. Her art examines materialism, individuality, and cultural appropriation issues. Jazz’s art is both a celebration and a call to action, encouraging viewers to explore themselves and the world around them more closely.

An Impression That Won’t Fade Away 

Jazz is a true artistic force to be reckoned with, and her mesmerizing murals and expressive figure drawings have left an indelible mark on Denver’s art landscape. With each new project, Jazz proves that she is capable of creating work that is both visually stunning and emotionally charged. Her art gets to the core of humanity by celebrating the richness and diversity of Black American culture and sparking debate about the myriad ways in which it is absorbed and reinterpreted by the general public. As her artwork continues to beautify Denver and other cities around the world, Jazz Holmes is unequivocally an artist to keep an eye on. 

Jazz Holmes has quickly established herself as a mainstay of the Denver art scene with her strikingly original paintings. Her art not only reflects her personal history and experiences but also sparks discussions about issues that are typically ignored by the general public. Jazz’s artistic vision speaks to the hearts of BIPOC youth, finding her place among the creative legends.
Check out her Instagram handle, @metaphoricalmuse, and learn more. 


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