Jivesse Gold Collagen Face Mask – A 24 karat facial

Jivesse Gold Collagen Face Mask – A 24 karat facial – words Anna Wilks

Expanding their range with the new Jivesse Gold Collagen Face Mask, the brand that bases its range on Peptan Collagen continues to hit the beauty sweet spots.

Following their Marine Collagen Cream launch early last year, the Jivesse Gold Collagen Mask created by the luxury anti-aging range promises smoother, more radiant skin in an easy-to-use-at-home face mask. Debuting exclusively in John Bell & Croyden in London and now available online too, each sheet of Jivesse Gold Collagen Mask contains 24 karat gold leaf, to visibly lift, tighten and firm the face, evening out skin tone and uplifting and rejuvenating with every use.



Jivesse creates products that aim to refresh, rejuvenate and reverse the signs of ageing. Its marine collagen range contains a unique combination of ingredients that increases collagen production and hydration on the skin surface and reduce the formation of wrinkles. Key ingredients include: Peptan; Argireline; Liftonin Express.

So what’s the appeal of the new Jivesse Gold Collagen Face Mask? Jivesse claim skin appears smoother, more radiant and youthful, with the mask soothing and hydrating with its combination of Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. The 24K Gold helps regenerate skin cells and speeds up the renewal process, revealing supple skin and a luminous radiant complexion. The mask helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin’s overall texture. Instantly feel the age resisting moisture sensation.

We were excited to try the mask out for ourselves. What you get is a box of five sachets, each containing one Jivesse Collagen Gold Mask. The masks have a paper texture, pre-prepared with eye, nose and mouth holes. The masks do look very delicate, but any fears about tearing were soon dismissed. They are in fact really easy to unfold and apply. In each sachet, the mask is soaked in the Jivesse Collagen Gold fluid, and the mask’s absorbent nature and the viscosity of the fluid mean that when you remove the mask the fluid clings to it. It is not oily, but a sheer, clear gel. You can see the flecks of gold too!

Applying the mask to your face is easy, and once there it stays put whilst you hopefully get a chance to relax in the 15 minutes recommended for the treatment (but if you did need to get on with some chores whilst it was there you could do that too!). After the time is up, you can remove and discard the mask itself, massaging the remaining fluid into your skin.

The effect is certainly noticeable, with the mask leaving the skin soft and with increased radiance. Lines are softened, and the hydrating effect was great. It’s a treat to enjoy this kind of pampering in the comfort of your home too! Jivesse recommend that the masks are used 2 to 3 times a week, and it would be great to see the impact of repeat treatments. But with a price tag of £25 per mask this frequency of use is likely to be a luxury to most. But we would certainly recommend using a Jivesse Collagen Gold Mask before a night out, or a special occasion if your budget won’t stretch to regular use. A luxury treatment well worth treating yourself to.

Jivesse is available at John Bell & Croyden, 50-54 Wigmore Street, London W1U 2AU and at www.jivesse.com.

Jivesse Gold Collagen Mask – A 24 karat facial – words Anna Wilks

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