How to Keep Tabs on Your Kids While You Are Not Home

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Keeping a child safe is one of the topmost priorities for any parent, whether they are at home or away. However, the former is usually easier than the latter. When you’re away from home, keeping track of your kids’ activities and whereabouts can be a real torment.

You can’t help but keep worrying about who they are visiting in the neighborhood, what they’re doing, and who they are interacting with, especially with the rising cases of kidnapping. If you have a toddler or baby, you may also want to know for sure if your nanny is taking good care of them. But thanks to today’s technology, this has become much easier and parents can breathe a sigh of relief every time this kind of anxiety kicks in. Let’s look at a few ways how parents can keep tabs on their kids while away from home.

1. Home Camera Surveillance

Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s parents have it easy compared to some years back. They can monitor their children’s safety even in their absence by installing high-tech security systems in their homes. Surveillance cameras act as a supplemental eye for the parent since you get to monitor your kids even at the comfort of your office. A surveillance system allows you to watch live feeds of both audio and video from your mobile device, giving you remote access to multiple locations in your home. You can easily watch your children playing in the backyard or even while they are sleeping.

As if that’s all, you can even install hidden cameras in your home to monitor their behavior and activities, as well as their safety. Renowned tech gadget author Michael Ross says that Gadget Spy cameras are available in various versions, including mini cameras, USB cameras, spy pens, spy clocks, and even spy watches. These devices can even be installed in the most undetectable spots in your home, allowing you to monitor your kids from the comfort of your office, car, hotel, or even on the go.

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2. Hire a Nanny

Hiring a nanny is another convenient way to monitor your kids at home in your absence. A nanny can also step in for you even as she takes care of your children and helps in other essential household works like laundry or dishes. While nannies are commonly a premium child care option, you need to do some thorough background research on them before hiring one. When hiring a nanny, you may want to do inquiries about them from the authorities in case of any misconduct so you don’t end up hiring a criminal to watch your kids. You can also check with licensed babysitter agencies, especially if you’re looking for a part-time nanny. You can always call your nanny to check how the kids are doing, so the most important thing is to hire someone you can trust.

3. Smart Door Lock

The options for child monitoring are numerous. If you’re not comfortable having a camera installed inside your house, a smart lock will still provide you with that tranquility of mind that your child came back from school or from visiting a pal safely. The smart door lock will help you identify who has locked or unlocked your main door. It also keeps the memory for future reference. If your child happens to be stuck outside for one reason or the other, you can easily unlock the door for them by feeding a certain code even from your office. You can also be in control of who visits them when you are not around.

4. Mobile Monitoring Apps

kids safe online

Each parent wants their children to grow in the best environment and become better human beings in the future. Whichever age the child is, kids and mobile phones can be a scary blend considering risks such as cyberbullying and adult sites that can be easily accessed. This is why parents find it crucial to monitor the activities on their kids’ phones, especially to keep them away from harmful content on the internet and social media. To do this, you can install a monitoring app on your child’s phone to track their activities and filter unwanted web content, and set internet time limits. A good example of such apps is MSpy, which you can use to track the activities on your child’s phone and also monitor who they call, text, their contacts, and their GPS location.

Knowing that your kids are safe while away from home is satisfying. It also gives you peace of mind so you can concentrate on your work or other activities while outdoors. The above are just a few ways how you can keep track of your kids while you’re not at home. Every parent’s priority is knowing that their kids are safe even when they are not around.


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