Some of the latest trends in the beauty industry

Some of the latest trends in the beauty industry – words Libby Turner

There are a huge number of trends within the beauty industry that are going to be taking over in the next few years.

With new products on the market and a whole new focus of medical tourism and male beauty pushing their way to the top, the next few years of the beauty industry as a whole and how it will evolve is going to be very interesting. Here, we’re taking a look at the latest trends in the cosmetics industry to keep an eye on.


Medical Tourism

One of the growing trends in the beauty industry is the rise of medical tourism. Due to the huge increase in prices in beauty procedures in particular, more people are looking for high quality, yet affordable options when it comes having some form of procedure carried out. This is where medical tourism comes in. While medical tourism has been around for a number of years, more countries are offering cheaper procedures at identical, or very similar, standard of clinics. For example when people are searching for hair transplant cost they will find that they can find the same procedure abroad for a fraction of the price. This is helping the popularity to increase even further.

Sustainable Make Up Choices

People are becoming far more conscious of the impacts of their purchasing choices and how it is affecting their carbon footprint, and because of this, more sustainable beauty products are being introduced to provide more options for consumers. While the market demands innovative yet effective materials, companies have realised that avoiding animal ingredients is actually a positive thing, with a number of natural materials overtaking the performance of traditional materials. There’s been a lot of research and development into more sustainable makeup products, and there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly their availability and the lack of impact they have on the ecosystem are important considerations for those making the switch to sustainable make up, and the fact that these elements can be easily modified for a number of purposes is also important. This will be a very important trend over the next few years in the cosmetic industry.

HD Beauty

High Definition brows are one of the latest directions in the cosmetic industry and now there’s been even more of a focus on foundations, blushers and highlighters. Perfection in makeup is a must and now this HD effect is producing a new element whether the makeup is natural or whether it’s glamour. This will help when it comes to taking pictures and with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, perfection in makeup is vital. Now, make up will need to produce perfect results with ergonomically advanced applicators helping people to be even better at makeup even if they are a beginner.

Men At The Centre Of Beauty

While beauty is deemed to be a very feminine thing, male beauty is being pushed towards the forefront of beauty. Male grooming, style and lifestyle is extremely popular, and daily grooming products like shaving with a brush for example are becoming more important than ever. Definition, image and style are important aspects of male grooming and this is one of the biggest trends to have taken over the industry. Beards and eyebrows are very much a focus, with various old-style products being pushed further into the limelight.


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