Leave It On The Floor Film Preview & Trailer

by Daniel Lennard

‘Leave it on the Floor’ is a sort of gay, African American, underground dance musical if that makes any sense at all. Our hero Brad is in a bit of a mess. His volatile, gay hating Mum hates what he stands for. So, homeless and rudderless he lands in the underground vogueing scene in contemporary downtown L.A. He gets taken in by a troupe of wild and dangerous dancers known as the House of Eminence led by the rather scary Queef Latina. She’s sort of the mother figure to her band of waifs and tearaways. Two of the gang have the hots for Brad which you can see isn’t going to end pretty and there’s a dance-off showdown looming large on the horizon too that Queef and the crew just have to win.

Written and Directed by Sheldon Larry the music is strong and so it should be written as it is by Beyonce music director, Kim Burse. The dancing though is quite fabulous handled with dazzling aplomb by Beyonce dance master, Frank Gatson Jr and of course  steals the show. The film is a wild celebration of the L.A.’s underground dance scene and is a fast and frenzied film that’ll leave you breathless but smiling.

There will be a limited cinema release on August 1st at the Leicester Square Theatre and the DVD will be out September 10th. For more information visit www.peccapics.com

Leave It On The Floor Film Preview by Daniel Lennard


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