Five of the best luxury cars for 2018

Five of the best luxury cars for 2018 – words Al Woods

We all like to be a bit decadent now and then, and sometimes we do that with our cars. There is nothing better than driving around town with a swanky new car and feeling great.  We’ve put together a list of the top 5 luxury cars for 2018 that all the car lovers out there will definitely want to check out.


Mercedes Class Saloon

This car is so impressive that other manufacturers have tried to imitate it, but they haven’t quite managed.  It has been for some time the luxury car at the top of the pecking order and one of the best known luxury cars brands.  The interior of the car will remind you of a private jet experience (if you have ever been that lucky) – and it has all the technological gadgets that they pioneered, but we now take for granted.

BMW 7 Series Saloon

Although this car looks big, it actually manages to act as a much smaller car. One of the most impressive things about this car is the impeccable finish.  It may not look as if it’s the most luxurious car in the world from the outside – but the interior is fantastic.  It has all of the technological elements that you would be looking for to make it an incredibly comfortable drive.

Range Rover SUV

Range Rovers are often associated with wealthy owners, and the purchase of these by celebrities and none other than the Royal family has made them more popular than ever.  It has a fantastic air suspension which means that you will be less likely to hear the outside noise making for a much more peaceful journey.  If you can’t quite afford a Range Rover, then you will be happy to know that Range Rover leasing is now all the rage and you can lease a Range Rover here.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Saloon

Rolls-Royce have always been associated with luxury.  This car has faced criticism as it does have quite a lot of similarities with the BMW7 Series.  To be fair, that’s not really an issue considering that cars popularity.  What makes this car stand out is the pure craftmanship that people can instantly recognise as a Rolls-Royce product. You will find it incredible comfortable to drive and the quality pretty much unrivalled.

Jaguar XJ Saloon

This car is unrecognisable when it comes to the old fashioned types of Jaguar cars.  It looks incredibly sleek and stylish, and incredibly modern.  The technology will make for a very entertaining journey.  There are lots of personalization options with this car, so you can make it completely your own.  This is definitely one for the suave car lovers out there.

If you are looking for luxury when it comes to cars, then these are your best bets.  If you aren’t ready to purchase them – then you can definitely look at leasing options for your chance to drive a luxury car, but without the huge upfront payment.

Five of the best luxury cars for 2018 – words Al Woods


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