Why San Diego is the perfect golf destination

words Alexa Wang

Choosing the perfect golf destination can be a challenge. While the courses are important, they’re not the only factor that you have to consider. After all, you’re not going to be spending all of your time on the golf course.

If you’re going to be spending any length of time at your golf destination, you’ll want to have other things to do as well. Here are just some of the reasons why San Diego is the perfect golf destination.

Gorgeous Weather

The weather in San Diego is some of the best you’ll find in the country. The city boasts an average of 266 days of sunshine out of the year. It sees about 12 inches of rain a year, when the national average is 39. It sees no days of snowfall. The average annual temperature is around 64 degrees Fahrenheit. While San Diego can see some temperatures in the 40s, these are usually the lows in the middle of winter. Even these temperatures are bearable for snowbirds looking to escape the harsh winter of the northern states. With mild temperatures year-round, any time of year is the perfect time to golf in San Diego.

Incredible Golf Courses

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or you’re just getting into the game, San Diego has several incredible golf courses to choose from. Torrey Pines is one of the most luxurious courses. Featuring two courses, Torrey Pines offers breathtaking views of the ocean over the coastal bluffs. The Maderas Golf Club was rated the top golf course in San Diego for 6 years in a row by the Zagat Survey. This course offers a challenge that winds through cliffs, outcroppings of rocks, creeks, and forests. Also worth mentioning is the Omni La Costa, which has a long history with some of the greatest players. Having hosted 37 PGA Tour events, this course is one that cannot be missed.

You can even make your golf experience more unique and memorable by adding a few BunkerMates female golf caddies. This is a great option especially for a guys golf trip.  The caddies are gorgeous and are great company to have around. They pretty much do everything that a normal forecaddie would do except they ride in the golf cart with you.

Delicious Food

San Diego offers a very diverse food scene, with plenty to offer for every taste. Campfire, located in Carlsbad, offers indoor and outdoor dining that features rustic touches like outdoor bonfires. You can even cook s’mores yourself. The Grass Skirt offers Asian inspired cuisine, such as house-made pork belly buns and kimchi fried rice, along with tiki inspired cocktails. The Ceviche House boasts local seafood with Mexican flavors. You can even get Tijuana style tacos from the Corazon de Torta, a taco truck that travels around and sets itself up outside of bars, clubs, and coffee houses.

Fun Activities

While golf may be the main reason for your San Diego trip, it’s most likely not all you’re going to be doing while you’re there. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other fun activities to do in San Diego when you’re not on the course. Check out Balboa Park, a 1,200-acre park considered to be the city’s cultural center. You can walk around the botanical building, take in a show, go to a museum, or head to the San Diego Zoo. You can rest and relax on the beach, take a harbor cruise, go whale watching, or, if you’re a thrill seeker, you can even go skydiving.

The Nightlife

San Diego also has a bustling nightlife scene. One of the best places to go to see some of the greatest nightlife in the city is the Gaslamp Quarter. Fluxx is one of the area’s most interesting night clubs. Consistently voted the best nightclub in San Diego, it has a reputation for being over the top. In addition to nightclubs, there are also plenty of bars. The Altitude Sky Lounge sits 22 stories above ground, the highest rooftop bar in San Diego. If you’re in the city for a bachelor party, you don’t want to miss Side Bar, known for its stimulating and suggestive atmosphere.

Why San Diego is the perfect golf destination – words Alexa Wang


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