The importance of training & diet – healthy lifestyle tips

The importance of training & diet – healthy lifestyle tips – words Alexa Wang

Are you tired all time? Do you find that you have an energy crash in the afternoon? Then it’s time to take a serious look at your health and what you are currently doing for your diet and exercise.

If you have no diet plan or workout program, then this article will give you some healthy lifestyle tips on how to design a diet plan and workout program that give you unlimited energy and a slim, trim, toned physique.

Tips for Creating a Diet Program

Creating your own diet plan is not as hard as you think says Quick Doctor. Diet programs that work are often the simple ones. The first place to start is by analyzing what you are currently eating. Is your diet filled with refined carbohydrates like flour and sugar? These foods create inflammation in the GI tract, reducing your gut biomes ability to assimilate nutrition from your food. Your goal should be to reduce inflammation and the intake of these harmful carbs. Replace them with healthy fats such as coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, fatty fish, and nuts. Remember to get your fiber in with a daily dose of leafy green vegetables.

The second step in creating a diet that works for you is to understand your daily calorie intact and the macronutrient profile of your diet. In other words, the ratio of carbs, protein, and fat should be calculated to achieve a composition of 20% carbs, 30% protein, 50% fat. Calculate your calorie number by taking your lean body mass (body weight less fat) and multiplying it by 15. This will give you your daily calorie target. For example; if your lean body mass is 100lbs, then your daily calorie target will be; 100 x 15 = 1500 calories.

Tips for Creating a Training Program

A beginner training program should include just bodyweight exercises such as Hindu squats, push-ups, box jumps and similar bodyweight movements. Keep your workouts to 30 to 40 minutes in length to avoid over-stressing the body and overloading the central nervous system.

When you start to feel that the workout is becoming easy, it’s time to join a gym and add some barbells or dumbbells into your training program. Workout three times a week, with two bodyweight exercise sessions and one intense cardio session per week.

Tips for Effective Training

When you first start your training, focus on exercises that strengthen your core muscles. Your core is the base from which your body builds its strength and explosive power. Place a priority on core work for the first month of your training, if you want ideas for a core workout, check out these core exercises for women.

Always make sure that you recover properly between workouts. Never go to the gym when you are still feeling stiff from the previous workout, you will most likely expose yourself to an injury if you do.

Tips for Optimal Nutrition

If you are struggling to put your diet together, speak to a professional. A nutritionist will be able to match your dietary needs to your current physical state and energy requirements. Food is the defining factor in a body transformation, overdoing your calorie target by just a few hundred calories is easy to do if you are not monitoring your food intake. This will delay your progress and leave you feeling unmotivated. So, it’s best to seek advice if you have no idea of what you are doing.

Create a Logbook & Track Progress

If you have no plan, then you will never achieve your fitness and physique goals. Create yourself a logbook that tracks your diet and training. Write down in your journal what you ate and what you did for exercise every day. Review this information every four to six weeks and make adjustments based on the patterns you see. If you do not do well with certain exercises, then change them for exercises that you can handle.

With your diet, note your daily feeling of well-being and what you ate that day, if you feel sluggish, or energyless, then remove those foods from your diet and replace them with others that will provide you with the energy and physique you desire. Stay committed to achieving your goals and given enough time, you will eventually reach them.

The importance of training & diet – healthy lifestyle tips – words Alexa Wang


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