Unforgettable experiences you need to try in Bangkok, Thailand

words Alexa Wang

If you’ve never been to Bangkok, Thailand, you might imagine a frantic city with lots of traffic and overwhelming sights, smells, and tastes – not to mention the heat and humidity. While these elements take a couple of days to adjust to – for some shorter and others longer – Bangkok is a vibrant, lively, friendly city that will satisfy the sensation seeker within you. Also, there are plenty of places within Bangkok to get away from it all if you get overstimulated.

However, if major stimulation and saving a few bucks is what you’re looking for, stay at a hostel that’s affordable and fun. From epic parties to comfy beds and great food, you’ll get your social vibe when you choose to stay in Bangkok hostels, where you’re certain to make lots of friends. With your new friends, consider visiting some of the most unforgettable experiences you need to try in this amazing place.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

You can’t see the awe-inspiring power of the Buddha until you visit the Reclining Buddha. This colossal, gold leaf statue measures 49 feet tall and 151 feet long. Officially known as Wat Pho Temple, this was the first learning center in Thailand, and today it boasts as the headquarters for Thai medicine and massage education.

The Temple of Dawn

Known as Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn in Bangkok is like heavenly candy for your eyes. In fact, some say this temple is the most beautiful building in all of Thailand. Sit and watch the sunset while dining at the waterside restaurant.

Chinatown Market

Now that your eyes are satisfied, it’s time to move on to your taste buds. Visit the Chinatown Market, especially if you’re a foodie, to find tantalizing Thai food. The old market offers fresh food at affordable prices. You can satiate your Thai food cravings with so many choices from this bustling marketplace or cook your own food to save a few bucks, it’s all up to your preference.

Lumpini Park

When you’re looking for something fun and free to do in Bangkok, hang out at Lumpini Park. This beautiful park is situated next to a tranquil lake and surrounded by natural beauty. A perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Lumpini Park offers peace, quiet, and serenity amidst tropical trees and beautiful bushes. If you’re looking for a bit of action, you can take a tai chi class or paddle a boat onto the lake.

Live Muay Thai Fight

For a night pumped with adrenaline, visit a real live Muay Thai match. While tickets are somewhat expensive, the show is definitely worth the extra expense. But no worries, this is the Land of Smiles, after all, and there are free Muay Thai matches every Wednesday from 6 to 8:30pm at the MBK.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There is so much to do in Bangkok, but what you choose to experience comes down to personal preference. Do some research, talk to locals and other travelers, or simply let your intuition guide you through an unforgettable Bangkok adventure.


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