Is your home alarm system safe from hackers?

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Today, many technology companies are producing lots of brand-new devices to boost home security, including digital cameras, window sensors, motion detectors, and smart locks. And did you know that every electronic or smart device expands the vulnerability of a network?

The latest escalation or boom in IoT devices in homes has built a mine or wellspring for hackers. With a mile-long list of unsecured devices, it’s easier and simpler than ever for hackers to break-into home networks, since these devices are all potential gateways.

Even your home security system, made to protect your home from intruders, might be a medium for virtual burglars to steal personal and sensitive information. In this post, we’ll walk you through how you can improve the security of your home alarm systems. Read on!

Off the Network

Concerning the home security systems, they are not as safe or immune as we think they are. As a matter of fact, they could be compromising or endangering us. Surprisingly, even devices that aren’t connected to the internet could be putting us at risk, too. Even so, they are the much safer alternative.

According to researchers, even the most popular home security systems could be easily hacked to either generate false alarms or suppress the signals, making them unreliable. It’s because virtual thieves could trigger false alarms from at least 300 meters away from your house with a simple tool.

But deactivation is feasible from the same distance. It is based on the high-frequency signals sent by most radio alarm systems between window and door sensors to a control system, triggering an alarm when these entries are breached.

In spite of whether the alarm is triggered or not, the signals can still be activated every time a marked door or window is open. However, when it’s activated, the home security system triggers the alarm and sends a silent alert to the security company. Then the monitoring company contacts the police or the residents.

Most systems can’t authenticate or encrypt the signals sent by the sensors, making it much easier for anyone to decrypt the commands, intercept data, and send them back to the control panels.

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Invest in the Latest Devices

It is wise to invest in the most advanced devices or systems to make sure your home is guarded against most kinds of threats. Keep in mind that older systems are especially susceptible to attacks because hackers and criminals might already have found their weaknesses.

However, if you can’t afford to buy a brand-new system, then ensure to keep your current system updated. Hackers and virus writers are always working on making new ways and threats to attack their victims.

When you bring your system up to date, you’re particularly making it less susceptible to hackers and their attacks. Additionally, consider how a security system sends its signals before making a purchase.

Skip it if it depends on landlines. Take note that landlines have wires, and these wires can get disabled and cut easily. Broadband and cellular connections are much better because they are more reliable and faster. They do not have lines that can put your security at risk, as well.

Once you get your new devices or security system, do change their default passwords immediately. Use a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters to ensure that your passwords are difficult to crack.

Please don’t use your personal information, like your birthday, as your password because they can be guessed easily. Regularly change your passwords after several months and don’t share them with anyone.

Moreover, check your security system if there are any non-functioning parts. Inspect your sensors and ensure they’re working. For instance, dust can build up over time and cut down their sensitivity. Other than that, you need to check the batteries, too. Not enough battery life can make you less secure.

One of the standout security devices available today is the Minut Point Smart Alarm. You have a full security system in a small component. Plus, it’s wireless. Do read an awesome review of this product to know if it fits your needs.


If you are not sure about the capability of your system to withstand hacking, then reach out to your provider. For the most part, the security company can conduct a test to determine if there’s a breach in your security. If compromised, security providers can create a solution to head off damage and ensure it does not happen again.

Concerning the safety and security of your home, having a security system installed is not enough. As a homeowner, you should be responsible for ensuring your home, identity, and data are safe. Don’t miss a security update and make sure that no one else knows the password to your devices and security systems.


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