How to tell if you would look good with short hair

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When it comes to your hair, it’s hard to know if it’s going to look good on you or not. Once you cut your hair, it can take years to get it back to “long hair” status (depending on how short you go). Going short will be a big change and that can be exciting and liberating. It also cuts off hair that is potentially not healthy. The allure of a pixie or shag is that it makes a statement and can look quite stunning on some women.

If you already style your hair, going short should be easy to manage for you. First, you’re going to want to consider whether you can rock short hair or not. The good news is pretty much everyone can look good with short hair. You just have to work with your face shape, texture, and your personal character. We have some great advice to help you make your decision so read on for some tips.

1 The Shape of Your Face

This is a major factor when going short. You’ll want to work with your stylist to figure out what will bring out your best features and downplay other features that aren’t as complimentary. Let your stylist know what you love about your face. If you have captivating eyes, getting bangs can really make them pop. If you have a great jawline and high cheekbones, there are ways your hair can frame the face that will highlight those features. The shape of your face is a defining factor of what you can get away with. Still, everyone can go short. You’ll just have to find the style that is going to show off your best features.

2 Working with Hair Texture

When considering a short hair style, you will also have to put the texture of your hair into consideration. You may have anything from fine, medium to coarse hair. On top of that, it could be straight, wavy, and curly. There are so many short hairstyles out there that can work with whatever combination of hair type you have. You can have curly, short hair but it really does need to be the right cut. There are hair stylists out there that specialize in curls.

If you have fine hair, going short will give it body. If full bodied hair isn’t what your after, a short hair style that is cut differently will give you that flat look you are looking to achieve. If you have wavy, coarse hair, it can look really cool if you get it layered. The result will be a rockstar look.

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3 Consider Your Personality

Whatever you wear and however you do your care is a way to show people who you are. You can do short hair but it has to match your personality. Do you think short hair would match you? Do you get excited when you think about having short hair?

This is a pretty important point because if you feel like it’s not you at all, you’re going to feel pretty unhappy for awhile at your decision. Don’t listen to what others say either. They don’t have to live with a haircut they don’t like. Short hair can often be bold and if you’re not really confident or don’t have the attitude to pull it off, you may feel uncomfortable with the look.

4 Making the Choice on the Style

Based on what we’ve discussed, you should have a better idea on what short hair style is going to work for you.

There is the pixie, which is great for ladies with small facial features. If you like attention, these ultra short cuts are really going to catch people’s eyes. They are edgy but can be played off as classy too. Do keep in mind that these can be quite high maintenance in the sense that you have to get a trim every 6 weeks or so to keep the look.

There is the shag, which is a great look for those with any facial shape. It’s also easy to maintain and grows out nicely so if short hair wasn’t for you, this style will grow long gracefully.

The bob isn’t going to work for everyone but if you have an elongated face, this will offset that.

A lob is a new creation based on the bob. Basically, it’s just a longer version of the bob that allows you to have a short haircut without actually daring to go too short.

5 Get Bangs as a Gateway

If you have long hair and you love it, you can get it styled so that it gives you body. Bangs are a great way to gauge how you feel about a cleaner look. They also have the power to change your facial features based on what you get.

The fringe gives off an edgy look but still allows you to keep those long locks. Sometimes you just want a change so if you’re really not sure if you want short hair, get some bangs. The risk is much lower as you’re only investing a little bit of your hair.

Before going with a short hair style, do consider whether you want to deal with more high-maintenance hair. Long hair is easy to manage. You’ll have to style it and keep up with having it trimmed to maintain the look. However, you’re going to have a cut that makes your hair look healthy and gives you a more individual look. You may want to slowly work towards a shorter cut. Start with some bangs, go mid length, and if you’re ready for more, go short.


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